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Strumming in the Bergen Sunshine

Strum in the Bergen sun (in Norway.) Was going to play in the square but another busker claimed this huge jurisdiction belonged to him so rather than engage in hostilities it was easier to was very fine and people kind.


Professional pleader. One heck of a way to get by but these guys really need help and not just cash…


This shop has been running for 100 years. Beautiful fishcakes. Delicious.


Here is the center of Bergen. There are no disgruntled fun police roaming around in fluro vests and no cameras “protecting” freedom by removing freedom from us. London’s another story….as i am about to discover in the near future; but i have one more daytime in Bergen.


Arriving London (Gatwick) on 12th -18th of April. Want to host a house concert or know of a gig in London or near – let me know via facebook or email on “lukehurleymusic @” . (without the spaces)

From Denmark to Norway

Norway. Staying with my friend Tom Mountjoy and this is his Norwegian forest cat otherwise known as “the fuffy one”. His dad Jim was a good friend to me back in the 80s in Dunedin.



Recreational fur ball removal. Dr Tom Mountjoy is a researcher barman, Gym instructor and part time furball remover…has scissors will travel.


The sailors rest. Ulrik, the guy who sponsored my trip to Europe dropped me off here last Saturday night after a great little show in a seaside town nearby….the next day i explored the town.


Denmark’s answer to Picton. What a place! Even the kiosks had pokey machines and the pubs were mostly smoke filled rooms frequented by career drinkers. The sailors rest appeared to have a 24/7 party going on in the office and the cigarette smoke pervaded every room in the hotel. I played music for them and they were very partial to it…which surprised me.


Post your postcards here.


Tom and his furry friend (again…)


Denmark and Statues

Statues eeeeeeeverywhere. Can anyone explain what this is all about


From another view. Its got me stumped. Why on earth? What’s the point?


And the naked lady throttling a goose…naked lady …has goose Will travel Wont go hungry


Casablan a


Vultures in for the kill. Nice buildings gutted and largely under enemy occupation. The war goes on. Even if it’s costly. Go around the corner and buy lunch in a real place run by people who care.


Children recognise music first. Kids often recognise that my sound is worth a listen and they want to stay a while ….and in this instance the parents encouraged them to .their dad took this photo.lovely family.


So crass it’s almost high art…

It’s not the way forward is it? This is not what millions died to allow. This isn’t freedom of expression; this is a war of nerves where the price of everything and the value in nothing abounds.

A far cry from the man with the eskimo and old european values.




Denmark Pt 3

My plan is to go to Bergen Norway
Monday-pls God- i be there
So lets see what happens.

Am booked into a place in London 14 and 15th of April. Many thanks to Tony Mole for sponsoring me. Let me know if you want to come to a houseconcert during my London stay …i leave London about 17th. Prior plan is to go to York. Really appreciate the leads given to me in this area. Thanks Ruth and congratulations btw he’s a lucky guy.

Please ya’all get in touch if you want to host a Hurley show..i can play at yours for a song within 48 hours anywhere in the Europe. Its fun playing this way ..

So far so good but i been spoilt in Denmark. It’s such a friendly place. Here are some more photos from around Aalborg.

This eskimo is a hundred euros. Made by Lisa anderson in the 60’s – seen here with the owner. The little eskimo stays in the window but you can buy her for 100 euros ( about $NZ 160)


Dont want to leave her here. Wish i could tour with lisas eskimo but she’s in safe hands she might get smashed in my luggage if she tours with me.


As does this one, So cute. It’s not on topic i know but i love kitsch.


Best cafe in Aalborg…


Great watering hole…


Jeppe at your service…Jeppe made me a hot choc to die for. What a superb environment. Be afraid starbucks. No way to surpass this place. Good to see sole traders thriving. Expressemotion


I want one of these…


Needs vs wants. I need this…


A typical street in Aalborg


World leader in wind power generation…


My host Ulrik with a Tubilak – Thanks for the offer sheriff but i don’t need one What is a tubilak? or this ? Tupilak pronounced dubilak this is the real spelling of the object Ulrik is holding.


Thanks again everyone for your help. Hope to see you in Norway or England soon.