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Luke Hurley - Happy Isles

Happy Isles album Released today

Hello friends. Long time no write. I love  this simple direct old school blog way and we are  also linking instagram so it’s soon gonna be possible to add videos and stills to this blog (more easily) including your  input . Follow along on IG

Happy Isles - Vinyl - Luke Hurley

The new album which took two months to record and mix down in Lyttelton and Diamond harbour is now physically in stock and we just pushed the button on the 12 inch record release….

My first record since 1987.  This one is either a good listen or a good investment or both. The skills of producers Jan Bille and Ian McAllister exceeded expectations. Very happy with Happy Isles.

If ya wanna make an album talk to these guys first. Audio Centric IG

OK so here’s the plan. How about I  turn up and play at your place. Big house or small. Anywhere at all. Invite me and  your buddies and  let’s move these records before the bailiffs do. This project took a lot of work and a pile of loans which need to be paid.

In other words. Call me now 021 0259 2919 and invite me to launch Happy Isles at yours. It’s gonna work but only if you guys get behind it. Very confident you will!


Have a listen to the whole album below.

If you live outside NZ we can ship the album to you.  Some notes on shipping over here and bandcamp has a table for the main countries.

If you are in Auckland Flying Out in Pitt St has a small number of the vinyl albums in stock.  They can also help with turntables too. We are hoping to have copies at selected places in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin too.

Playing at Mt Albert Market on corner of Asquith and New North Rd till about 12 noon on Sat 29th then at Dialblos in Kerikeri on Sat night if you want to see the album hear some of the new songs live.

Luke Hurley new album Happy Isles

Happy Isles – Pre-Release

Happy Days – the new album is nearly ready. Literally at the pressing plant where the new vinyl is being made fresh at Holiday Records in Auckland.

Credits: Captured/ Produced by Jan Bille in Diamond Harbour (Christchurch) August 2019. Post production and mastering by Ian McAllister at Audio Centric Christchurch. September-October 2019. No overdubs.

Cover art by Justin Summerton. Design by
Many thanks to first edition sponsors: Holiday Records, Simon Raby, Chris Rankin, John Appleby, Dorothy Brown, Paul Hurley.

There are 8 songs. On side 1. Happy Isles, Colour of Your Skin and Alba.
On Side 2: Ting Tong, Hamilton Dome, Whero, Green Man and Diamond Friday is the full track listing.

Stay tuned for release timetable for the music and the vinyl. If you are already on the mail list we will know more about release timetable soon. We are thinking it should be ready in the first or second week of Feb but hoping it is sooner.

We are also talking with some record stores which specialise in vinyl and where you can go to see and hear the physical album. The full price is $40 but fine tuning all the logistics now.


About Happy Isles - new Album

About Happy Isles – new Album

So friends – it’s taken since the latter part of 1980s until 2019 for anyone to take the very brave step of setting up a pressing plant here and we have decided to get right behind the guys at HOLIDAY RECORDS and give them the business on my latest album entitled HAPPY ISLES.

Here is the track listing for the vinyl album which is being pressed right now. Track 3 is a version of Albatross for 2019

Side 1
1) Happy Isles
2) Colour of your Skin
3) Alba
Side 2
4) Ting Tong
5) Hamilton Dome
6) Whero
7) Green Man
8) Diamond Friday

As you can see from the playlist there’s only one song familiar. It’s the first song I ever wrote and has evolved greatly in the many years I have been playing it. Jan Bille produced it and he’s working with Ian McAllister on post production and getting it  ready for pressing.

There is a saying “the more things change the more they stay the same” never a truer word especially regarding records  – they are the ultimate archive.  Digital is by comparison way less immediate and retrievable down the line.  Historically records have increased in value.  Downloads aren’t tactile and analogue will never die folks plus you get the big picture in its big picture sleeve.

The Happy Isles album is  test press ready so this is a real thing and ready to go. Of all the songs one only is revised :Albatross.My first song! has evolved to a another level

“Colour of your Skin” deals with the fact that we are all the same colour under our various tones.  Green man is not about a trivial thing. I mean we gotta learn to face each other in real life and not once removed on a tiny “hopeless little screen” to quote Lenny.

Having Jan Bille as producer helped get me back on my horse. I had got obsessed with developing guitar styles and he reminded me to concentrate more on writing now the music is developed for the new sound. This new album involved months working on something that turns out to be a big wide sky ; the discovery of a mystical soundscape. It’s gonna be a production classic. Good songs help too! Ha ha.

There is an old saying that everybody gets out of the way if you know where you are going.

It started with Jan believing in me and putting me thru “bootcamp” and revealing to me things in my character that i needed to work on. William Blake said that “opposition is true friendship”

Jan gave me a hard time and when i fought back he congratulated me observing that my will to fight was back… a will to live and let live and the courage to take risks.

He pulled me back from the edge. I was going nowhere and I think he sensed it and did his best to wake me up. Like a passenger shaking a sleepy driver so they don’t take a detour down the mountain.

We stumbled on this big blue sky sound. Jan and Ian are truely great people and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

Auckland concert coming up at Ellen Melville Theatre on 17th of November. An early booking helps with planning. Please consider a presale deal for the record/cd and call me if you need live music at yours 021 0259 2919

Keep it simple I am happy to help you if you are happy to help me – how does that sound?

Concert Ticket $20 (NZD)

Or check the Tickets page if you want to buy more than 1 ticket online…

Many thanks to those who donated for the first progress payment which got us to first base. Lets keep going so we can have an actual record for the first time since 1986. If you would like help this album get finished and released. Pre order sales for Vinyl /CD that would be a big help.

*Vinyl $40 (NZD) Keen on new Vinyl depending on scale prices up to $50 – conditions apply. Formats are tricky and volumes are needed to make this work. You will get a download of the new album when it is ready. We think in February. We are still working out logistics but this is a limited edition pressing. Packaging and posting for a vinyl album costs from $12-20 and so we are working on ways to lower or eliminate that cost. We expect some stores in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin will also have the vinyl in stock but more news to come on that soon.

When released we will redirect to the buy button on bandcamp as we will need addresses for delivery and so on.

New Album Project Needs Your Help

New Album Needs Your Help

hi friends Luke here with a new project that needs your support encouragement and goodwill …finally after years of promising to deliver the fresh album at long last we are in sight of the release.

We in fact have two albums – the first was recorded in Diamond Harbour by Jan Bille. The second is a live album recorded by Ian McAllister and Jan Bille. So we have a brand new studio release and a live concert release lined up for post production (the studio one comes first.)

Watch the video from the previous post to see some of the songs from that concert.

The plan is simple – find a way to pay for post production i.e mixing and mastering. And for a run of vinyl from local pressing plant Holiday Records who have kindly encouraged us in making this happen and thats why I put thumbs to keyboard to tell you all this.

Check out a demo of two songs (as yet unmixed) to give you a taste of things to come

We want to get this project happening as soon as please help my sending up a good thought for it pray, buy us a coffee, go to my concert (Luke Hurley Live at Ellen Melville -Sunday, 17 November 2019 from 18:30-23:00 ) or simply throw us a few bones (paypal)

Have to stress that this music isn’t commercial and relies on sponsorship and in this case we are onto a great project that gives the thumbs up to producers, musicians, pressing plants and all of you.

 If you want to help more directly please use the buttons below to make a supporting donation towards the new album – thanks again.

You will be emailed directly by Paypal P.S click on red buttons if you make a mistake & need to deduct amounts from the shopping cart. Or use the 2 extra buttons at bottom to pre-pay for concert or Vinyl please.

Donate $5 (NZD)
Donate $10 (NZD)
Donate $50 (NZD)
Donate $100 (NZD)
Donate $200 (NZD)

Keen on releasing new Vinyl depending on scale prices up to $40 – conditions apply. Formats are tricky and volumes are needed to make this work. You will get a download of the new album when it is ready but vinyl may be delayed depending on fundraising.

Live from Lyttleton

Live from Lyttleton

Last weekend in Lyttelton. Livestreams special thanks to Murray Kennedy, Jan Bille, Ian McAllister and all the people who came along last week.

Live from Lyttelton

Posted by Luke Hurley on Friday, August 30, 2019

1/ Mona Lisa
2/ Make Room
3/ River of Life
4/ The Sound

More live from Lyttelton

Posted by Luke Hurley on Friday, August 30, 2019

5/ Green Painted Fields (Based on poem by Caroline Armstrong)
6/ Duvalier (off Reha)
7/ Two Degrees Out (Erebus)
8/ First Civilian
9/ Life out There
10/ Before the War (new)
11/ Japanese Overdrive
12/ One Day I understand (new -title TBC)
13/ In the Shadow of the Factory
14/ Not Easy To
15/ Wanna Be Good

More live from Lyttelton

Posted by Luke Hurley on Friday, August 30, 2019

16/ Colour of your Skin (new)
17/ Fait Accompli
18/ Follow Me
20/ Albatross
21/ Pascal’s Song.

The guitar started life as a Takoma but has been extensively rebuilt by luthier Steve Barkman of Dunedin. Thanks Steve.

Punting on the Avon

Kerikeri at Diablos Tonight

Hi friends   just letting you know that tonight we are playing in Diabolos Kerikeri with Richard Christie Spanish guitarist opening with a one hour set starting 7pm and finishing late!

We had a great time last time so don’t miss it this time! If you are not within striking distance its possible we can stream some of it

The concert in Lyttelton  last Friday was recorded by Ian McAllister the plan is to release it along with two studio albums recorded in Diamond Harbour with Jan Bille the producer of Reha.

More to tell but have to get moving.    Hope to see some of you tonight in Kerikeri.

Diablos is at:

3 Homestead Rd, Kerikeri 0230. Phone 09-407 3912

Their Facebook page is:


Luke Hurley LIve

LAF Lyttelton Gig

Hi friends   just letting you know about my show at LAF Lyttelton

A beautiful new  theatre with a massive space crying out for half the universe to turn up.    It’s easy to get to the Christchurch zones so… there or be square… it’s a great place to visit    bright cones everywhere    there are a few people coming to my show from  far and wide and most will be from Christchurch

For tickets look up LAF or contact us if you have trouble getting a ticket   tickets are selling fast I am told which goes to show that they must be missing me here   ha ha.

Great progress recording my long delayed (years) album and yes there are new songs and a quite extraordinary sound architecture thanks to the amazing production genius of jan Bille.   He also produced my Reha album
God bless

Luke     if i can help with anything call 021 0259 2919   always keen for other gigs   you know that   …….playing originals is the hard way up music mountain and your support is really appreciated