The truth like water

Hello faithful subscribers. Allow me to start with a plug.

Thanks for the support .. especially through where it’s possible to achieve high quality downloads. Donations help cover the daunting album/tour costs . Please visit

There are four albums waiting to be added pending funding of post production . Spotify is super accessible but somewhat compressed while the soundtracks on bandcamp are better.

It’s very costly to produce soundtracks. A new release finds its way to Bandcamp first and later to Spotify.
The way I see it is Spotify is like radio airplay back in the day and is where you go to get a quality download. Please remember this as Spotify only pays a dollar per one thousand listens…its of course not possible to cover the daunting soundtrack production costs from such a tiny revenue source hence the need for for quality downloads at a price you determine.

It’s a big canoe to push.need all the help we can get.
Here’s my thought for this day June 18 2023. At worst I reckon it could get on a chocolate box.

“The truth like water so gentle yet cuts thru stone. In heat it’s rising . It can freeze into a rolling rock . given time truth wins and brings with its gentle dominion a real loving kindness. It refines and defines all that is good”

So we got to stand for the truth at all costs and let its voice be heard. What is your truth pray tell? Email it to us

Thank you good people at the Lumsden Hotel for inviting me to play July 1. Bringing Craig Hubber along as before. Check out the movie The World’s Fastest Indian for his sound and the hit tune he wrote about magical mystical Bondi Beach.

And wait! That’s not all.
Was talking to Greg Haver today. He had some great insights regarding the making of albums. He worked with Manic Street Preachers and others.
(See link)

Call me if you know of any possible venues that would have us down there in the deep south in July. We are Affordable, priceless & great for the whole fandamily!

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