From Denmark to Norway

Norway. Staying with my friend Tom Mountjoy and this is his Norwegian forest cat otherwise known as “the fuffy one”. His dad Jim was a good friend to me back in the 80s in Dunedin.



Recreational fur ball removal. Dr Tom Mountjoy is a researcher barman, Gym instructor and part time furball remover…has scissors will travel.


The sailors rest. Ulrik, the guy who sponsored my trip to Europe dropped me off here last Saturday night after a great little show in a seaside town nearby….the next day i explored the town.


Denmark’s answer to Picton. What a place! Even the kiosks had pokey machines and the pubs were mostly smoke filled rooms frequented by career drinkers. The sailors rest appeared to have a 24/7 party going on in the office and the cigarette smoke pervaded every room in the hotel. I played music for them and they were very partial to it…which surprised me.


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Tom and his furry friend (again…)