Mona Lisa (2023)

Mona Lisa1. Mona Lisa 06:52
2. Info Station 02:24
3. The Friend I Had 03:16
4. Nothing in Return 03:45
5. Not Easy To 05:25
6. Gravity 03:26
7. Civilised Animals 02:11
8. Moneywise 06:36
9. Summer Blue 05:56
10. Far Away 02:52
11. Mona Lisa Slight Return 07:00
12. Not Easy Too 02:51


Recorded at Redd Acoustics Aug 1994 on 16 track Otari 1″ reel to reel.
Recorded at the same time as the Reha sessions but lost and now found.

Full credits

Transferred to digital at Nightshift Studio by Arnie van Bussel in 2021 (not without some serious challenges)
Engineered/Produced by Jan Bille
Luke Hurley 12 string Ovation/backing vocals
James Wilkinson Bass/backing vocals
Matthew Lawrence Drums/Percussion
Artwork: Michael D Cooke
Special thanks to Terry Malloy at Redd for accommodating us in the studio, Arnie van Bussel at Nightshift for going the extra mile digitising the tapes on his 16 track setup and James Wilkinson for his unrelenting patience and support during the recording sessions in 1994. We have also included lyrics and other notes where we can.


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