Fighting things we cannot see

Fighting Things I cannot see- Rachel Garland

Hi friends we find ourselves in a blended reality where no one knows what the next move is in the proverbial chess game where the powers have us playing chequers. In the lockdown Jan Bille has fashioned three videos. Jungle. Love button. Happy Isles. Three songs – two of which are very recent. Jungles much older and I wrote it as a gentle opt out call at a progressively dehumanising system. This was about ’84 and we were relatively free … Continue reading Fighting things we cannot see

Thinking about a lockdown video stream

Luke Hurley - jungle video

Hi friends. Prior to LOCKDOWN Jonathan Woodford Robinson called with a novel request. He wants to do a live stream for me in two weeks time and wondered which app would work best. I don’t know but someone reading this does so please if you be that person then get in touch so we can invite you into the project. It’s something to do during LOCKDOWN thats all the fun of a gig but without leaving home. Perfect! Editors Note: … Continue reading Thinking about a lockdown video stream

Music is the alchemy of the human spirit

Header alchemy

Hi friend’s. Just because we are faced with great danger doesn’t mean we have to give in to the mourning news pumping us up with angst and despair barking out hoarding and avoiding suggestions all deigned to move products so fast the shelf stackers have trouble keeping up. Public gatherings are being cancelled / postponed. Everything’s closing and people are getting pummelled with news. Speculation opinion. Social justice warrioring. And fear and angst is the general mood Or is it? … Continue reading Music is the alchemy of the human spirit

Snells Beach Friday 3rd of April / Postponed

Little & Local

Update: Sat 21st March – This event has been postponed. Apologies everyone. But Covid 19 restrictions mean it is inadvisable to hold the event till later. Live @ Little & Local presents: Snells Beach Friday 3rd of April 7:30pm. Luke Hurley – consummate guitarist / singer / songwriter “I love tactile stuff even if many can’t be bothered with it. I want to hold it and put it on a spinny thing and know it cost me money and it … Continue reading Snells Beach Friday 3rd of April / Postponed

Happy Isles album Released today

Luke Hurley - Happy Isles

Hello friends. Long time no write. I love  this simple direct old school blog way and we are  also linking instagram so it’s soon gonna be possible to add videos and stills to this blog (more easily) including your  input . Follow along on IG The new album which took two months to record and mix down in Lyttelton and Diamond harbour is now physically in stock and we just pushed the button on the 12 inch record release…. My … Continue reading Happy Isles album Released today

Happy Isles – Pre-Release

Luke Hurley new album Happy Isles

Happy Days – the new album is nearly ready. Literally at the pressing plant where the new vinyl is being made fresh at Holiday Records in Auckland.

Credits: Captured/ Produced by Jan Bille in Diamond Harbour (Christchurch) August 2019. Post production and mastering by Ian McAllister at Audio Centric Christchurch. September-October 2019. No overdubs.

Cover art by Justin Summerton. Design by
Many thanks to first edition sponsors: Holiday Records, Simon Raby, Chris Rankin, John Appleby, Dorothy Brown, Paul Hurley.

There are 8 songs. On side 1. Happy Isles, Colour of Your Skin and Alba.
On Side 2: Ting Tong, Hamilton Dome, Whero, Green Man and Diamond Friday is the full track listing.

Stay tuned for release timetable for the music and the vinyl. If you are already on the mail list we will know more about release timetable soon. We are thinking it should be ready in the first or second week of Feb but hoping it is sooner.

We are also talking with some record stores which specialise in vinyl and where you can go to see and hear the physical album. The full price is $40 but fine tuning all the logistics now.