expressemotion (2023) Live Album

expressemotion1. Albatross 08:10
2. Not Easy To 05:08
3. Make Room 04:55
4. Getting Closer 06:24 *
5. Japanese Overdrive 03:26
6. Mona Lisa 03:43
7. Nobody is Good 06:41 *
8. Fait Accompli 03:37
9. Walk in the Light 08:25 *
10. The Sound 06:08
11. Direct from the Cosmos 07:04 *
12. American Express 03:56 *


This album is from the archives. Recorded live at a cafe on the outskirts of Auckland in late 2014 by Facundo Rivarola of Mutancia Sonora. This album is unmastered.

Photo: Vincent Young

*  Includes 5 unreleased songs. Getting Closer, Nobody is Good, Walk in the Light and Direct from the Cosmos (instrumental) plus American Express are all unreleased.  Note: a previous version of Nobody is Good was on First Civilian which was released on cassette in 1990.

All songs played on the Tacoma 6 string. It’s a Tacoma but extensively rebuilt by Steve Barkman in Dunedin.

* The last song – American Express was recorded and produced by Steve Garden in 2000 at the Garden Shed.

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