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Since Paris-Part 1



We live a sheltered life here.

Euro is way more stressy.

NZ is the “armchair of the world” by comparison.

It seems too good to be true.LH2

These girls promised to make my music popular.Friend on the right from Germany is writing to her grandmother, on the back of her best friend from Brazil .Way to go!


visitors from Sweden


Daddy daughter day


the happy young couple

The Clash of Lifestyles

Luke says Happy New year for 2009.

the clash of lifestyles

Stockholm blues on a sunny day


Note: The video above comes from Lukes perfomance in Stockholm.

Luke was in Stockholm when these photos were taken. He arrived back in London on Jan 5th and staying on in the UK / Europe for a bit longer now. More news soon.

Streets of Paris

The Sultan of Hounds / Paris

“Took this photo with my laptop.
Don’t normally take photos but these guys had to be captured !

The Sultan lined up the perfect shot for me
then urged me to go
Left me feeling like the paparazzi viper.

They bring begging into the realms of art
They got a daytime job
They’re doing all right

Thank you very much!”

The Sultan of Hounds

This guy with the dogs is a beggar on the street (in Paris) couldn’t believe it…