Denmark – in Åalborg

Last gig in Denmark this Sunday, then England. Anyone out there keen to host a house concert in London or York in the near future?

Just played a place in Åalborg acting on an invite from Casper….here i am with him in the super duper elevator.


He had to cover a lota bases to get me the gig. Future Care is brand new so i was the first overseas performer to play there. Note: Future Care Home, Ålborg Denmark


World famous in future care


Here is the library


The green wall – The greenery is real


The green wall close up


A place to have a cuppa


The amazing thing about this care concept is that visitors have a place to share with one another and the visited can come and go as they please. High quality food make no mistake…not junk food…no way

Artform future care furniture


In conclusion – Playing in this place was not a depressing experience. The staff do everything they can to give late lifers a good time. The music i played was well received. We need more of these places.

Like Caspar, Maria was one of 50 selected out of 900


She sports a tatoo like many young people here do


Residents can take a ride on an electric trike with one of the staff


Bus to Aalborg…The drivers got tats… theres a very clear notice about what is not permitted on the bus. No sausages please. No skates pal.


Lots of little towns with little shops but the franchises are sneaking in. Aalborg has its first Starbucks. It wont be the last. I found a superb place.


Means knife and fork in Danish. Yes i had this place recommended to me by a lady who was on her tenth pint of beer. She said it’s great but not cheap.


The owner of knife and fork – Aa is the owner.


I had to have lunch here. Soup and salmon. I will suffer for this cause it wasn’t cheap. O well. Lunch on the firm is ok from time to time.



Graffiti pic the day


Graffiti 2


3 thoughts on “Denmark – in Åalborg

  1. Wow Lukey, looks like you are having a fine old time, see you at the fleamarket when you get back, great photos.

  2. Neat photos, Luke. What a special treat it would’ve been for the folk in the Future Care Home to hear your music delivered to them personally all the way from New Zealand!

  3. Hey Mr Burle,
    Love the photo of the couch and chairs, and the bus driver and the Sunny Outside Painting. Excellent.
    And of course ” the super duper elevator.” Wish I was there to hear you playing the Chhords like you do so well.

    Have good time in London and my in answer your question, my dad worked at 33 Wilton Cresent. He did the hypnotism in the front room. Shirley Bassey lived (still lives!!) across the road. Not far from Hyde Park as I remember. A pretty flash area I think.

    I remember going up to London once from Sussex, and my dad explained we were seeing the aftermath or the anti-Vietnam War Demonstrations. I can still see the police guys on horseback and placards and rubbish everywhere. I was only a wee fella, but I didn’t forget that. Of course those demos in the US and UK helped bring the war to an end.

    Coming in on Blue.
    Talk to again Mr. Burle. Shan Man

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