Levin the Vida Loca photo by Tanya Mishchuk. Thanks Tanya.

Levin the Vida Loca

Very chuffed by the great response to the last blog especially the way old friends from decades ago made an appearance at my show in Collingwood at Ngangas cafe….

Right now I’m on a ferry to Wellington. Levin the Vida Loca is next.

But now it’s about time to play the Firebird Levin where the tour started and where you can see.me from 6pm tomorrow evening  tonight. Excuse the short notice but it’s only been confirmed very recently.

After this I go home to plot the next one. Hoping this time we won’t get last minute cancelations . So far it’s looking promising so let us know if you can scope a gig. Just text or talk to me 02102592919.

Lets get this circus rolling from late Feb 2023. There will be other gigs before that but it’s up to you. I rely exclusively on word of mouth for gigs. Call me coz I won’t call you.

Talk soon
God bless
Ps please check bandcamp.com.
Happy to report the very valuable Gibson that went missing out of “Gipsys” instrument collection was recovered. Andrew Robertson prayed it would return and it did just the way he requested it would. Astonishing

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