High Risk (2000)

High Risk (2000) Luke Hurley
1.   Gravity
2.   My Machine
3.   Small Town
4.   Universe In You
5.   Far Away
6.   Parallel Universe
7.   Life Out There
8.   Civilised Animals
9.   Two Degrees*
10. Pascal’s Song
11. Heart of a Child
12. Quality Community Care
13. Sticks and Stones
14. Love Is Luke Hurley
15. 627 Luke Hurley
16. Gandhi’s Ghost
17. Make Room

*Two Degrees refers to the Erebus disaster from 1979

Exec Producer – Greg Finucane,
Producers – Luke Hurley & Jan Bille,
Engineer (& drums) – Steve Garden
With Luke Hurley on guitars & vocals +
Marion Arts on b/vs, Bob Shepheard – bass; Gordon Joll – drums; Derrin Trainor – keyboards; Russell Walker – oboe; Iain McCleod – mandolin; Raman Chhibah on Tabla

“This album took three years to make, working in most of Auckland’s best studios and eventually mastered by Chris Chetland at Kog Transmissions. ‘High Risk’ tells us to listen, love, open up and take risks in order to communicate more.” (Liz Barry)

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