Check below to listen to Luke’s songs  on Bandcamp which is our favourite online service as it offers the highest quality files and best deals. Some songs and albums have been on iTunes and other services but bandcamp provides the best service for musicians including higher quality sound files like FLAC, 320k .MP3 plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.

Note: you may listen to each album all the way through up to 3 times without making any payment. As of 2022 various albums are now on Spotify.

Update: July 2018 Added some ticket buttons over here if you were looking for a handy way of paying for concert tickets when I am touring.

* * Japanese Overdrive (1984)
* Make Room (1986) Compilation click link for more detail
* Luke Live (1987)
* Revival EP (1987)
* Reha (1994) Reha was produced by Jan Bille from Norway. click link for more detail
* First Civilian (1989)
* Alone In Her Field (1990)
* Stop Luke Listen (1990) Compilation
* High Risk (2000) click link for more detail
* The Best Of (2007) Compilation
* Brother Sun 2008 Brother Sun is lyrics and music. click link for more detail
* Sister Moon (2008) Sister Moon is instrumental only. click link for more detail
* Limited Liability (Live) album click link for more detail
* Happy Isles album on vinyl and for download
* The Jungle EP
* Luke Live album
* Woke Up album
* Coasting EP / Album

Got some catching up to do and want the full digital set? About US $114 for 15 albums. Go to Bandcamp linked below and click on any album and look for the full set link shown below.

  $187.88 NZD or more(25% OFF)

Do a search for Luke Hurley on your iTunes and you will also find songs from Insatiable Moon.

Some albums are on Apple Music. Best of Luke Hurley, Happy Isles and a few others.