Tickets – Online Payments

You want to go to the show but just don’t have cash on you but if you could pay online then this is where you come. Please allow us time to check your payments have been processed so in general tickets need to be paid for at least an hour or so before a concert so we can have your name on the door if we need to.

Pick an amount below to pay Luke for a concert ticket or tickets. When we can we will tag the ticket code with a date / venue etc. but otherwise these can be used as generic tickets.

A shopping cart will display immediately below  and this will allow you to make secure payments from your credit card via PayPal.  We will try to update with latest concert venue details but this is a general ticket service so  if you need help call  021 0259 2919

1 concert ticket $20  (NZD)

Two concert tickets $40  (NZD)

4 concert Tickets for $70 – $10 off (NZD)

Online streaming and downloads help. Happy Isles on  vinyl is available for $40 at events. Online in NZ shipping and packaging is $10 extra. All Lukes music here.

Happy Isles on Vinyl at Concerts

1 vinyl copy of Happy Isles for $50 incl shipping of $10 (NZD)
1 vinyl copy of Happy Isles for $40 at concert(NZD)

If you are not after a ticket and just want to make a donation
Go here to make a donation