Luke Hurley is a guitarist / singer songwriter from New Zealand who has been writing songs and singing them for more than 30 years. You may know him from songs like Mona Lisa, Make Room, Kings Cross, Limited Liability, Fait Accompli or others.

He is currently based in Auckland, NZ. You may have met him during his travels in Australia, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France or any one of dozens of towns in New Zealand.

Wherever you are from – welcome. Pull up a chair and have a stop, look and listen to some of those musical moments over the years. Luke plays custom made guitars made by Steve Barkman – (thanks Steve) plus Takoma, Takoma baritone, Fender Strat, Taylor and latest guitar is a Les Paul Tribute.

BTW if you are a guitar collector or have a great guitar in the corner that you don’t play feel free to get in touch. Keen on trying other guitars. Also if you see 2 custom made Steve Barkman 12 strings out there with my name on the fretboard please contact me or the police thanks. Have had 2 priceless guitars stolen over the years. They are working tools and cost hundreds each year to maintain and rebuild, repair, tune and tweak. Thanks to Steve Barkman and the other luthiers out there doing a great job.

Here is the video of Lukes song “The Sound” thanks to Simon Raby for the extraordinary cinematography. Editor: Annina Zamani. More about The Sound including Lyrics are over here.

He has completed the equivalent of 9 albums of music over the past 30 years and has a wealth of concert material.

Luke - photo by WirebrushEvery week or so there are Blog updates found on this site or via the RSS feed. Check Lukes gigs for the latest location and performance details

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Want to listen to all albums, buy FLAC and higher quality .MP3 files go to Lukes bandcamp page.

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