Denmark and Statues

Statues eeeeeeeverywhere. Can anyone explain what this is all about


From another view. Its got me stumped. Why on earth? What’s the point?


And the naked lady throttling a goose…naked lady …has goose Will travel Wont go hungry


Casablan a


Vultures in for the kill. Nice buildings gutted and largely under enemy occupation. The war goes on. Even if it’s costly. Go around the corner and buy lunch in a real place run by people who care.


Children recognise music first. Kids often recognise that my sound is worth a listen and they want to stay a while ….and in this instance the parents encouraged them to .their dad took this photo.lovely family.


So crass it’s almost high art…

It’s not the way forward is it? This is not what millions died to allow. This isn’t freedom of expression; this is a war of nerves where the price of everything and the value in nothing abounds.

A far cry from the man with the eskimo and old european values.




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  1. Luke, I’ve left a few virtual msgs dotted about online for you to pick up on asap[simply because time’s tight for a ‘Yes’.. Have sounded out 3 lots of people this morning about a little stopover en route from London to York, however hastily arranged. In broad terms, might you be interested?
    Kind regards[and if you trot along to Risvangen 14, Bronshoj, Kobenhavn, while you’re still there, that was my first stopping place out of kiwiland in 1976, viz. my Great-Uncle Axel.]

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