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Tour connections

Just having a coffee at Olaf’s on the eve of my prospective tour.

So far we have bookings in a few offbeat venues. Perfect!probs run at a loss as all tours always do but it be fun and people be more important than things ay? If I were successful I wouldn’t have time to connect.

Luke tour

“This name on the  latte is connection.”

It wouldn’t happen unless I were loyal if only to where I sip a pensive dish of caffeine. Ha ha.  Let’s hope my loyalty presents itself to my sponsors. That’s you. If you read this blog and listen to my sounds then that’s great support already.

If you throw a few bones my way then even better.


July 2018 tour. No gig too anything. Call me now 021 0259 2919. First confirmed gig is 7th at Moutere.    And The secrets Of The Mona Lisa concert July 30 in Palmerston North. Updates to come. Invercargill July 13th, 14th.

Queenstown - lake

One take ensured the final result – new album in progress

It’s been a long time. I had nothing to say. Frankly it was a tough time since the last post. The writing is on the wall for me and other impossible believers.  There is only a tiny ledge to stand on and it’s a long way down. In other news a new album has been recorded so there is that 🙂

The studio is a marvel

278 and Mischief   278 on the right is a star cow.

But one things certain. There will always be die hard fans for simple acoustic music just as there are patrons for tiny fine dining cafes.  We are not aiming to compete with Mac Donald’s. Ha ha. Hence the new album which was recorded here.

It took a few days to record. The studio is a marvel. It was designed around the superb microphones. It’s so good in fact that bare minimal mixing ensured to get the final result. THE BRIDGE. a song I wrote in 2005 was captured sooooo well. I don’t care what the critics say. It captured what I have wanted to convey since 2005. It’s 9 minutes long and breaks all the rules.

Then there’s FAR AWAY, TO PLAY OR NOT TO PLAY. which is a song based on a tune I wrote 40 years ago. Finally we captured that also. The recording quality is astonishing. Here is the studio.

Inside the studio
Inside the studio where we recorded the album

Working title ONE TAKE “Ensured the final result”
So simple. A tiny studio in the middle of a field perfectly sound insulated and proportioned to record one voice one guitar in one take where the capture is so good little needs to be done in post production.

Recording is the first step. Need to pay for that and also for mixing and mastering and other production logistics – hopefully with your help.

Pick an amount below to donate $NZ 5, 10, 20, 50 or $150 to Luke for the new album. A shopping cart will display immediately below ( or in the sidebar if that is easier) and this will allow you to make secure payments from your credit card via PayPal. So far the recording has cost $4k and a typical “no frills” budget is around $7k so it would be great if we get some help. We are thinking $20 and above gets you an early release of the album…

Donate $5 to new album (NZD)

Donate $10 to new album (NZD)

Donate $20 to new album (NZD)

Donate $50 to new album (NZD)

Donate $150 to new album (NZD)

On another front Crystal Chen’s movie TO BE OR NOT TO BE got a great response at the documentary film fest. Let me know if you want to see it. We can post it online now but it might be a good idea to use it as a fund raiser for the main feature we wanna make. Anyone interested in this project?we need all the help we can possibly get

If you feel inclined to donate to the realisation of impossible beliefs please do so.

Pick an amount below to donate $NZ 5, 20, 100 or $200 to Luke on behalf of Crystal. A shopping cart will display immediately below ( or in the sidebar if that is easier) and this will allow you to make secure payments from your credit card via PayPal. This gives us an idea of how much practical support there is for the film / extended video and will help it get made. We need to get permission from Crystal to show a copy of the clip but we are working on that.

Donate $5 for film (NZD)

Donate $20 for film (NZD)

Donate $100 for film (NZD)

Donate $200 for film (NZD)


Subscribers to this blog have been a huge encouragement and it’s great to know there is support without the need to sell albums and flicks. No one wants to buy music or flicks. We have become accustomed to getting it free that’s why it’s ok for the creators of music and flicks to unashamedly ask for patronage and keep on regardless.

Just like medieval times. Artists had patrons. The only difference is the new patrons are the everyday folks. Let’s help each other.

Any of you readers with a good idea you wanna promote please send it to us. You might want to get the word out for support of your impossible belief also! Let’s have a look at it anyway. I have to go return my guitar to the warehouse before it closes.

FINALLY one last thing…

The month of July is tour month so please let me know if you have a gig for us. Houseconcerts a specialty. I can play at yours in return for accomodation and a nose bag. We pass the hat around at the gig. Best way to arrange that is for you to phone me on +64 21 025 92919 or landline +64 9 629 5179

It’s a low key working holiday and no one gets rich but we get to catch up in real life outside wwwland See over here for updates.

To your safety
God bless

Luke Hurley LIve

Luke Live – July Tour

Bookings being taken now for July 2018 tour. No gig too anything. Call me now 021 0259 2919. First confirmed gig is 7th at Moutere.    And The secrets Of The Mona Lisa concert June 30 in Palmerston North. Updates to come. Invercargill July 13th, 14th.

Download poster as an A4 pdf  (about 10mb) to print for your event. Poster includes space at the bottom for you to write in your details.

Luke Hurley LIve

Luke Hurley - writing

To Be or Not to Be – Short Documentary in Edge film festival

‘To Be or Not to Be’ is an 11 min documentary Directed by Jing Chen, the 11-minute “conversation” takes its title from one of the songs from Hurley’s 1994 album Reha.

He describes meeting the documentary makers as “wonderful serendipity”, saying they approached him while he was out busking in Auckland. “As we were working on it, I was amazed at how they were able to understand where I was coming from.”

The full story is featured in the Stuff entertainment section just last week.

Veteran Kiwi musician Luke Hurley the focus of a new short documentary

“The documentary also allows Hurley to pay tribute to the influence of his father Donagh. “He was very unusual. He had this whole middle-class cred because he was a surgeon but, at the same time, he was often heard to say that if he had had a choice he would rather have been a painter. I was very fortunate to have been brought up by someone who said, ‘if you want to be a musician Luke, go ahead and do it’.”

Hurley says he’s excited that, after more than 40 years, his father’s manuscripts are just about ready for publication, while he’s nearly finished his own latest acoustic album, which, he says, was “recorded in a shed in the middle of a field with a friend of mine”.

To Be Or Not To Be will debut as part of the Documentary Edge Film Festival’s shorts programme The Launchpad on Saturday, May 12 at 2.30pm at Wellington’s Roxy Cinema. It will also screen during the Auckland-leg of the festival on June 2. For more information, see

Music and passion and blockchain

Got invited to play five songs live on my fav station* with Andre Upston engineering and Jessie asking me a few questions. And my New Years resolution is to answer emails and show great-attitude regarding support from all of you. Thank you again.

* was played at 2:30pm on Dec 15th afternoons on RNZ. See NZlive link or direct podcast here if the player below isn’t visible.

The first song played was “The Sound”John Renbourn of Pentangle was name-checked as an early influence. New unrecorded song Before the War from a poem by an Iranian refugee. “Japanese OverdriveandAlbatrossand Kings Crosson Steve Barkman 12 string, Fender Strat and a 6 string ( Tacoma.)

I get to play a few songs any requests? Preliminary to the show i was asked a few questions

Q: Do I make a living?

A: Well – it’s by the grace of God I survive at all and I have had big help from family and friends

Just read a book called ECO MAN by Malcolm Rands. In it he says some key things like … stay close to the ones who helped you get there and invite them along for the ride. Be passionate about what you are doing and it will stick out a mile coz passion is lacking in the corporate dominated world.

Condense what you do into a short statement. In his case it was to make cleaning products WITHOUT THE NASTY CHEMICALS.


When I read that a little light turned on in my head. THAT’S WHAT WE NEED IN THE MEDIA. We need a media with no nasty viruses.

Isn’t that what the world needs in entertainment as well? To be able to watch a movie with your loved ones and be assured that it isn’t going to be full of spiritually hazardous materials? From things that make you feel alienated from love and kindness.


The excuse is the worn out cliche that it’s what we want.


It’s what sells?

Believing in me is hard sometimes coz I fluctuate between over confident to downright “what is the point” and am decidedly stubborn sticking to something that is in a cloud of unknowing than on solid ground.  However it might be our time i.e. those of us who trust the clouds.

Take blockchain. For instance.  Don’t worry. I don’t have any tips but here is a lead from an expert who said “A good place to start to learn about blockchain and crypto .. it is important that you educate yourself to avoid FOMO which the world seems to be experiencing at the moment.”

Problem is I don’t know what FOMO Is (Ed: Fear of missing out.)

What about blockchain blogs?and music streaming? Jason wrote in 2015 “in the case of music it could mean that Apple, Spotify and the others who add little value to the music web will be removed from the equation.”” about the Imogen Heap experiment.

For an update on that have a look at Mycelia for Music or Blockchain Could Help Musicians Make Money Again.

It’s such a pain putting sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much energy into writing and recording songs and to discover that a the system is setup for a small elite. It’s probably time for little guys like me to disaffiliate from the industry gate keepers and find our own way thru and be part of an indie blockchain system.

Anything would be better than the current revenue gathering merchants as they only focus on pleasing their favourite Ponzi Bands.  Ha ha

The BC will change the whole world and musicians will have a viable system to get a fair deal.  Let’s try it.  If you want to use my music just write to me and I will give you a place in my blockchain.  Early subscribers will get a super deal.

Let’s do it!i am happy to be the white mouse in the chain. Want to be in the gang? Let’s talk!
Write to me here. lukehurleymusic @ gmail com.   We need programmers and supporters.

A perfect day in leafy over privileged inner suburbia

Casting my mind back to the days prior to making HIGH RISK late last century in fact.

The day it happened was a perfect day in leafy over privileged inner suburbia”.

There was the father in law loading up the trailer with the few things needed from the old life;
And in a moment they will get in his car.

The wife and the kids and just about everything of any meaning,
Will cruise sedately down the driveway and out of my life FOREVER.

And the home you had will turn into a museum,
Things will remind you of moments and moments will remind you of things.

You just know that your are the worst boy in the school of life and that the headmaster is gonna expel you;
And all the things you could have done and didn’t will haunt you FOREVER.

Not only that but you won’t even have ashamed parents to return to.

And where you live was a home and is now just a house you can barely afford to rent;
You will have only yourself to blame.

Only yourself to console yourself…

So there it was
Knowing myself to be a miserable failure. Feeling deeply hurt and terrified but……..

Also knowing a deep peace.
The deep peace of Reha (the feeling of knowing that you live forever and that you are loved by your creator.)

It didn’t come from me.

Why does it take twenty years for me to be able to recognise it?

Because at the time and for many years after it was way too painful to really think about.

My own sense of failure was too great to allow any acknowledgement of the absolute

But the thing I did do is start working on an album.
It was possible thanks to a friend who put up the money.

He never turns up these days but perhaps he doesn’t need to.
Perhaps he felt he needed to at least help me get my confidence in writing back.

And I discovered one thing for sure. When you are in despair that is the time to express yourself.


The song – Small Town starts off at this point. Have a listen by clicking play below. You may download this song for free or pay more as you wish. The full ‘High Risk’ album is $10 or more if you want to.

Am I doing alright
To settle down
In a small town

I don’t want to leave the city
& make me blue
thinking of the pity
of doing it like you
you know you don’t care now
what it is that I do
you’re a fashion designer
I see the labelling
you do

“I don’t want to leave the city”
you say
“It would make me blue”
if I ever left the city
until I make
a million or two

“Things will remind you of moments and moments will remind you of things.”