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Westport Space Tour

Hello. Here are some thoughts with a view to gleaning your thoughts also. You can always send me some pics and videos on whats app. My number is 02102592919. Be good to be able to reply on the basis of feedback from you all in my next blog.

Feedback is rare as gold. Back in the day it was easy. Let’s make it easy again. i still love this simple blog format with its leaning toward text alone.

What a wonderful character the host is.

Playing the Black & White Westport tonight from 9pm. It’s been here since the 1850s so all the locals will know where it is…just head for Westport. You can stay at the hotel. It’s cheap and cheerful and like how things used to be .

That’s whats so inviting about Coast. People can invest time in people coz there’s no over reaching alienating commercial urgency to do and to buy. This is humbling the conceited Aucklander in me. Hubris and vanity are

I love the so called rough pubs. Postboy in Nelson and B&W Westport.

His Scottish Space Programme is humming along. I can send videos if you drop me a line. Last night my audience of one disturbed part of the installation and it all came tumbling down.

Today there’s a board out on the footpath announcing my show. Thats it. But thats gonna be enough to draw a few characters that would inspire Dickens-if he were alive here again- to write another story.

I cannot believe the vibe here. The visitor is enthralled but be aware that the motive force is practicle and most have to work hard and me being in “the arts” don’t work at all-by comparison.ha ha

“Get a job” is one response
But they respect someone who can bang out a tune and often I get the reverse response where people urge me to keep doing what I’m doing.

What am I doing?
As little as possible.
But there are certain demands like travel. Accommodation. Vehicle and all that entails. And getting the word out.

Big thanks to Jason Kemp and Tony Parker for sponsoring this vital side of it…without them I would be toast.

And here’s to you my wonderful subscribers. Please don’t desert me. The best is yet to come. Would appreciate it if you steered your friends toward bandcamp.com wherein resides my albums for Koha. Its a huge blessing when people support me by downloading my albums and attending my shows.

See you tonight

Rotunda plaque - Westport

Rotundas Rock

GREETINGS from Westport where I found the dream Rotunda. A friend of mine Gillian Henderwood (you might remember an album called Jam Sandwich she released back in c. the late 80s.

Rotunda WestportBrilliant album produced by the guy who created the world’s first robot band THE TRONS) recently did a tour of our nations finest rotundas and ; made it a policy not to advertise but simply play to anyone who happens to stop and listen.

No mean feat.

As you can imagine it isn’t gonna make world news. However I think she’s onto something. We can get these Rotundas back to being places of music performance. Why not? Let’s do what. She does. Let’s tour them and make a point of playing in every Rotunda we see even if it’s just one song to a passing pigeon.

Give it time and everyone will be celebrating these historic structures and using them again for the purpose they were built. A lot of work and gold went into building them. Let’s not waste the resource

On another subject I am playing in my home turf this Friday so please make the effort

Also please write in. And give me some pointers blog wise. What do ya want covered now that I am an agent at large in the south 😎