Hello Friends

Touring Feb 2023

Hello friends ..It’s great to be free for the time being isn’t it?people are coming out of their rabbit holes and it’s time to explore hence the planning of the next tour starting Feb 22 and heading South (South Island) and back with three confirmed gigs so far. We can do better so please call me if you are serious. Just say where and when and Ill be there with cowbells on ? 021 0259 291 text or talk…always up for a chat.

Also planning to play in London in May so again please book me someplace. So far no confirmations there. It’s so far away from Waterworld Auckland.

Speaking of which we had a great time at the Auckland International Folk Fest. On the first night it was possible to have the barn for a gig where we encountered a superb player. Bill Angus. He’s been writing for 45 years and it shows. The big surprise was Ensemble Sangenito. Super!

Check the videos in the links.

And now for one key reason for writing this blog. Let’s discuss the attitude still alive and well in NZ…the attitude that musicians and artists generally should not be paid.
This guy I’ve known for many years who is supposedly a keen endorser of my stuff tells me that musicians should not be paid. It’s his firm belief delivered from the comfort of his “I work and you don’t” bastion of ignorance.

Has he any idea what’s involved when it comes to writing recording promoting and performing original stuff across an area the size of UK with a support base at least 15 times less and a cultural attitude that sees the arts as somewhat superfluous and self indulgent and in the “why bother when we can go fishing” category.

It’s amazing when one reflects upon the expenses involved and how near impossible it is to break even. The attitude is just plain wrong.

The advantage of having an art culture cannot be denied. In the absence of a thriving art culture we have instead a thriving mental health system that can’t keep up with the psychosis that develops when a place offers no outlet for creatives.

Let’s change the script.
Start with me!
Visit bandcamp and buy my sounds. Call me and book me up. I can play.you will like. Just book me! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
New York to Paris! Let’s make it a world tour this time. Let’s enjoy the freedom while we have it.