The CEO's PA

South & Otago Tour

I’m in the South Island another 20 days especially Otago and Southland. let me know about opportunities to play ok?

Playing at the Grainstore in Oamaru on 12th of March from 7pm Koha

Lumsden from 3pm Koha 3 March

Invers From 7pm Koha 4th March

Blueskin in Waitati .7pm onwards Koha 11th March

Keep an eye on events for any updates and additions. Expecting to add some new dates and venues soon.

Bye for now and please let us know about possible places to play. Can play anywhere at anytime. Conditions apply. Call/txt me on 021 0259 2919

I lost some info about possible gigs so please write to me again if I didn’t get back to you. House concerts a specialty.

Have to head to the lofty spires of Lumsden now. Bye for now and please remember to
Take time out

God bless Luke

PS. Need space between the bars to create meaningful music.

The ceos pa. Seen below. New strings and set coming up for this recently sold masterpiece at Peter Stephen guitars.

Need work breaks also…for the same reason. So! Don’t overdo what you do do.

Peter Stephen has his workshop in Lyttelton. It’s on the corner of the first street on the left as you come into Lyttelton coming out the tunnel. Can’t miss it.

He’s been a luthier for decades and he works on an art for arts sake basis…the business is secondary to him as he tends to give people amazing service for ludicrously small amounts of money. But that’s changing as it has too. Big overheads to cover.

One guitar I bought off him in the 80s turned up in Alistars Music Wellington about 30 years later . I walked in and played it despite the owner telling me the shop was closed.

I conversed with a guy who the owners were talking to. He was interested in what I was playing and the history of the swamp kauri parlour guitar I used to own. I introduced myself and asked his name to which the owner said “you obviously don’t know who you’re talking to” it soon was obvious he was Billy Connelly.

A question I always wanted to ask him was “did comedy ruin your chances of being taken seriously as a musician.” And he replied that it certainly did. He was in a duo with Gerry Rafferty once. Comedy was probably the best bet and more profitable…but who knows?

Peter’s much loved by the people he serves and he needs more commissions to make his masterpieces. The fix it jobs are his bread and butter I guess. but he loves to make instruments. Double bass to mandolins and to date a big focus on guitar. Support him please. In Dunedin you have Steve Barkman equally capable so don’t forget him either.

These guys work real hard for their sustenance. Hope to see you all at a gig soon.