Off the radar in Nelson

Off the radar in Nelson

Off the radar in NelsonI’m in Takaka. Playing at the mad cafe in Collingwood. If you know someone in or near Nelson send them along thanks.

Don’t mean to be off the radar but with travel and touring often bookings are only confirmed late or last minute.

Gig is today the mad gig starts late arvo.
The tours gone well considering how little there was to go on. I would be keen to write a blog about the state of the country.

Heaps of places are going outa business. My way of touring is designed for these times. I am the dystopian song and dance roadshow. New song is called Dystopia.

In Takaka is the herb. In Westport it’s meth.everywhere it’s beer. Families broken. Mistrust abounds. No one wants to work. Ai is about to take over.

And yet…..there’s a kind of hope emerging out of these desperate times. There’s a sweet sound in the cacophony….

( Editors note: I hope there is more to this post :)?