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We are getting used to consuming instant, ready-mix, rehash entertainment, Like a river flowing out of wide screens, Endless Home Box Office films and series deliver violence, sex, and psychotic fantasies of the highest production value but devoid of any real nourishment.

Who has the gumption to ask for simple, live original music played in their own space? It’s direct and intimate, and without the general craziness we have come to see as normal in canned corporate entertainment.

Update: Live show coming up at Scarecrow on Sept 3rd

In my last post, I offered to play in-house gigs, To prove that there can be a viable house concert circuit here.

NZ has an area as big as Great Britain inhabited by 20 times fewer souls.

Yet we act as if we live in a country that has a huge population. Consequently most gigs are in venues way bigger than called for.

The cost of putting on such shows often outweighs the returns.

The average venue gets such small turnouts that you could literally invite the audience back to your own living room. So why not do just that?

START WITH ME! Book a house concert

coffeeEd says: here is a button then… Booking fee buys a coffee and secures the date which is subject to confirmation. 

Click button to buy me a coffee and talk to me about a houseparty $4 (NZD) at your place  Call me 021 025 92919. Just tell me what’s involved and I will tell you what I can do.  At this stage its experimental so lets feel it out. Email me with your request and some details. lukehurleymusic@gmail.com

new_sbThanks again for the huge help with the new SB guitar to replace the stolen one. Soon I will no longer be famous for having lost a guitar but famous for having friends who replaced it! Thanks to y’all


Many thanks to Siobhan & Bernard Demeester, Geoff Wiklund, WonderWebs, Larry Freilich, William Paynter, Jeremy Belcher, John Buckeridge, Darren Bayliss, Penny Cliffin, Nick – Stone Arrow Jewellery, Gordon Becket, Gregor Cameron, Glen Molesworth, Corene Higgins, Derek Butland, John Payne, Andrew Nash, Alysson Parker, Jason Kemp, Lance Flavell, Anthony Skeggs, Taylored Artwork, Julz, Duncan Gillies, Nicholas Tufillaro, Richard Trotman, Elizabeth O’Connor, Leon Earl, David Parker and last but not least my amazing big hearted brother Paul.

So please keep me in mind for a gathering and see if I can compete with Game of Thrones. Ha ha!

If you are a guitarist and would like Steve Barkman to make you a guitar, or repair or restore one, then I would highly recommend him.

 Address: 15 Dickson St, Macandrew Bay 9014, Dunedin Phone: 03-476 1463 (021) 180 6249

 If you want to help more directly, please use the buttons below to make a supporting donation towards the guitar.

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If anything is raised above the target it will go towards Steve repairing my other guitars and recording the new album. You will be emailed directly by Paypal P.S click on red buttons if you make a mistake & need to deduct amounts from the shopping cart.

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