Busking is ‘the canary in the mine’ – concert Mar 18th

Very grateful for the support subscribers have given the somewhat difficult cause we are currently winning. It’s gone from the hopelessness of being stripped of my tools of trade to complete restitution largely due to your support.

Now it’s time for a celebration concert on March – Friday the 18th at 7pm. Please come along for an informal evening where I play for you and we take tea breaks and just chew the fat like in days gone by. Like in a folk club (but) without the formality and hushed Intensity In this event you are free to talk and take smoko breaks and holler and generally be yourself.

Luke Hurley Concert

Bring some bikkies if you wanna share food and your fav tea bags. Ha ha. We can supply the entertainment and hot water for tea. Venue is the Pioneer Women’s & Ellen Melville Hall in central Auckland – Freyberg Place.

$20 a ticket will cover venue and other costs. You will be emailed directly by secure PayPal P.S click on red buttons if you make a mistake & need to deduct amounts from the shopping cart.

Also appearing: Basant Madur & Duncan Gilles

Please use the buttons below for concert tickets

One ticket $20 (NZD)
2 tickets $40 (NZD)
4 tickets $80 (NZD)
Group of 10 -bring 9 of your buddies & you get a free ticket $180.00 (NZD)

Please book your ticket if serious about coming but there will be a limited number of door sales on the night.

If you feel like a beer then join us for a few drinks at the mezze bar close by right after the show.

Let’s do something simple easy going and fun and catch up to celebrate a new beginning. If it works we can easily make it regular. A cheap night out and a chance for us all to catch up without having to spend a fortune. Parking is relatively cheap if you use the Victoria St carpark or Downtown carpark.

I would really appreciate seeing all of you there…

Other news
Got interviewed by Vaughn Davis on Radio Live Waitangi Day day 10am to 11am. It’s on line if you wanna hear it.

Also TEDxAuckland posted up my river song. I introduced it with a dig at the mega supermarket that wouldn’t let me busk outside. The manager and assistant manager told me I couldn’t play & I told them I could. With a “we give up” they left me to it and I lost interest anyway. Ha ha

“Busking is the canary in the mine. If we are not allowed to play at the drop of a hat then that’s a sure indication of a dysfunctional operating system.”

“Impression without expression equals depression”

Try it wherever and whenever you can. Just play to people. It’s a benevolent human interchange and a basic human right

Marcus Turner died suddenly I went to his funeral in Dunedin. Very moving. His NHNZ TV colleagues shared some great insights about him. The guy was a genius. It’s hard to find the last album Marcus made. It’s called laid down. If you go to the kiwi folk website you will find a way to procure it. How can an album so great go unrecognised? It’s unbelievable. Find it. Play it. You will be astonished. What a great man. God bless his soul.

Call me if there’s anything I can do for you or if you need to know more about the 18th. 021 0259 2919
Be safe. Play soon. Come along on the 18th and “Save a Canary” 🙂


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  1. Good luck my friend. Can’t come this time but we will see you again.
    Best wishes Solveig/Ulrik – Denmark

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