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Rosebud of Riverton

Dunedin – Best Cafe 2

Well, friends if you have heard enough of “the new normal” (ghastly term) how about hyper normal? That seems to be what you get touring these days. A small number of people at any event and you can boast of full houses and feel like a winner.

With that in mind I had the idea to do shows that include dinner. That way the atmosphere is more convivial and people need to be serious about being there. With small gatherings it’s possible but it wouldn’t work in the “big time” (another ghastly concept). The dinner-show little-big-show idea was embraced with enthusiasm by Jessica at Best Cafe and the rest is a minor triumph. it was hyper normal. Ha ha

And that’s why we are doing another one Sunday week. Same deal as before so please book if ya wanna come coz a lot of people didn’t get in last time.

Also at Blueskin Gallery on Saturday night if you are near Waitati

Met a great chap who told me-in relation to this blog – I should  quit apologising and speculating about  vast imponderables and just talk about the music.

Good idea-at least for this post-so here goes
I have two overflow shows to accommodate for the people who couldn’t get into the last ones – namely Blueskin Gallery Saturday night from 7pm And The Best Cafe Sunday from 5pm
So these shows are already near full so please phone in to book ASAP if ya wanna be there.
Just discovered an amazing pa speaker. Ya aha. I will let you know more after its first trial at above shows.
Getting two SB 12s tweaked by my buddy Steve Barkman today so they gonna be ready to play soon.
Also discovering great things in the tone of the Taylor 6 2020    awesome tone and the pickup system is second to none
Then there’s the les Paul Gibson and Fender strat plus and the two Takomas
I d gonna play em all but one at a time
Be there or be square
Will write again soon

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