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Live album released

Live album released

Live album released. Greetings friends. Long time no word from me. I feel bad but at the same time there hasn’t been much from you either ha ha I tell a lie. There is encouraging support for the new album on Bandcamp.

It’s a live one (16 tracks) recorded at Lyttleton Arts Factory 2019. Ian Macallister used vintage Neumann valve mics and Terry Malloy had the best of sound systems and they both used their great skills to render a great result and it’s taken until now to make the release of it possible.

To the people who paid for cd copies up front my apologies for this huge wait but you are assured of delivery of a cd asap. Please get in touch if you would prefer a refund. Things move very slowly but that’s mainly due to a healthy level of quality control.

We strive to deliver the best quality we can on a micro budget and figure it’s worth waiting for. Three things
1. good
2. quick
3. cheap

Only two of the above are possible at one time. In this case because the budget was limited it took a long time to get a good result.

Did my part by playing a mix of my rep from when Adam was a cowboy to 2019. This has to be my best ever live recording. Listen for yourself and decide . Here is a track from it. You can listen to the whole album 3 times through if you like.

The concert was organised around the time Jan Bille produced Happy Isles (Co producer Ian Macallister). We recorded Happy Isles in Diamond Harbour.

At the time we posted some video from the concert over here

Incidentally the title name was inspired by a book of the same name. If you read the book you find some scathing criticism of the colonial legacy which we have inherited here. It’s kind of unnerving and unresolvable but we like to think we are not racist and so on blah blah blah.

Ha ha fact is humans are flawed and it doesn’t matter what race we are akin to …..all humans are intrinsically trouble magnets. There’s a song in it.

As always you can listen to all my music on bandcamp.