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Cafe 121 – Saturday

Nigel GavinMorning’ all. Hope you are well and happy. Just letting you know that we are playing at one2one a venue in Ponsonby Auckland.

Where.  121 Ponsonby Rd Auckland
When. This Saturday night 7pm to 9pm
What.   Mark Laurent  songwriter with Nigel Gavin and moi.  If you haven’t heard him / them you will be astonished. Masterful guitarists and great Kiwi  blokes. Photo at left is Nigel. Here is a track from Nigel

The ticket price is zero but we encourage you to donate into the hat which is in fact a teapot.  We don’t just accept money. Watches. Cars. Houses. Anything.

Come early and leave late. We will be there from 6pm.

Please do call if you have any leads. 02102592919 and don’t forget to visit band camp and check out my albums.  And of course please encourage your friends to subscribe to this site.

Link for the gig is: if you want to share that would be great thanks.)


Limited Liability (Live) on iTunes now

Limited Liability (Live album) CoverThis 9 song live album was recorded at Ponsonby Baptist Church in ’07. Phil Yule of Voicebox did the honours.

You can buy individual tracks on iTunes now or the whole album which is called Limited Liability (Live) Update: No longer on iTunes.

1. New York To Paris
2. Its Not Easy To
3. Kings Cross
4. Greenfields
5. Follow Me
6. Not A Machine
7. Limited Liability
8. The Sound /live /church/07
9. Mona Lisa /live/church 07

All songs written and performed by Luke Hurley
Recorded/produced by Phil Yule :www.voicebox.co.nz

The lyrics for Limited Liability (Live) are available on pdf here. Listen to the album below.

Check Luke in on Foursquare

Luke in June 2010 by Alvin S.Foursquare check-ins are a way to find new places and people with a smart phone. These phones have location services so that they can “look” around an area and help you spot special deals.

We thought there is no reason that Luke couldn’t be on there when he is busking outside Starbucks on the corner of Queen St (220) and Victoria St East in Auckland.

His 4 Square location is here foursquare Please check in, say hi and let your friends on Facebook and Twitter know when he is around. Also his birthday is on 31st August.

Feel free to leave a comment or “todo” on Foursquare.

Live at Llama Lounge 27th Mar

Hello everyone – there is an upcoming gig on Saturday March 27th, 7:30pm  at the Llama Lounge which is located at 136 Horsman Road near Waitakere. Google maps link here

Come along with your friends. It is BYO.

Entry is $15 and there is limited space so booking is required please by emailing penny@karmallamas.co.nz or phone her on Auckland 810 9995

Please note that Horsman is spelt without the E so that cause delays on Google maps if the spelling is wrong.

Luke at Llama Lounge on 27th March

Live in Concert – Ponsonby 3 nights

Concert Feb in PonsonbyHello everyone,

I will be performing 3 concerts at Ponsonby Baptist Church on Friday 19th, Sat 20th and Sunday 21st of Feb.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Tickets will be $15 at the door. 43 Jervois Rd, Pomnsonby.

Contact David (davidsw@actrix.co.nz) for group bookings or phone him on 022 061 7648.

Need a concert flyer to print out for your friends or group? – go here for a concert-Flyer_LukeHurleyFeb2010.PDF that you can use.