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Limited Liability (Live) is an album by Luke Hurley released in 2010. Named after a song of his.

Limited Liability (Live) on iTunes now

Limited Liability (Live album) CoverThis 9 song live album was recorded at Ponsonby Baptist Church in ’07. Phil Yule of Voicebox did the honours.

You can buy individual tracks on iTunes now or the whole album which is called Limited Liability (Live) Update: No longer on iTunes.

1. New York To Paris
2. Its Not Easy To
3. Kings Cross
4. Greenfields
5. Follow Me
6. Not A Machine
7. Limited Liability
8. The Sound /live /church/07
9. Mona Lisa /live/church 07

All songs written and performed by Luke Hurley
Recorded/produced by Phil Yule :www.voicebox.co.nz

The lyrics for Limited Liability (Live) are available on pdf here. Listen to the album below.