About Happy Isles – new Album

About Happy Isles - new Album

So friends – it’s taken since the latter part of 1980s until 2019 for anyone to take the very brave step of setting up a pressing plant here and we have decided to get right behind the guys at HOLIDAY RECORDS and give them the business on my latest album entitled HAPPY ISLES. Here is the track listing for the vinyl album which is being pressed right now. Track 3 is a version of Albatross for 2019 Side 1 1) … Continue reading About Happy Isles – new Album

New Album Needs Your Help

New Album Project Needs Your Help

hi friends Luke here with a new project that needs your support encouragement and goodwill …finally after years of promising to deliver the fresh album at long last we are in sight of the release. We in fact have two albums – the first was recorded in Diamond Harbour by Jan Bille. The second is a live album recorded by Ian McAllister and Jan Bille. So we have a brand new studio release and a live concert release lined up … Continue reading New Album Needs Your Help

Live from Lyttleton

Live from Lyttleton

Last weekend in Lyttelton. Livestreams special thanks to Murray Kennedy, Jan Bille, Ian McAllister and all the people who came along last week. Live from Lyttelton Posted by Luke Hurley on Friday, August 30, 2019   Songs 1/ Mona Lisa 2/ Make Room 3/ River of Life 4/ The Sound More live from Lyttelton Posted by Luke Hurley on Friday, August 30, 2019   5/ Green Painted Fields (Based on poem by Caroline Armstrong) 6/ Duvalier (off Reha) 7/ Two … Continue reading Live from Lyttleton

Kerikeri at Diablos Tonight

Punting on the Avon

Hi friends   just letting you know that tonight we are playing in Diabolos Kerikeri with Richard Christie Spanish guitarist opening with a one hour set starting 7pm and finishing late! We had a great time last time so don’t miss it this time! If you are not within striking distance its possible we can stream some of it The concert in Lyttelton  last Friday was recorded by Ian McAllister the plan is to release it along with two studio albums recorded in … Continue reading Kerikeri at Diablos Tonight

LAF Lyttelton Gig

Luke Hurley LIve

Hi friends   just letting you know about my show at LAF Lyttelton A beautiful new  theatre with a massive space crying out for half the universe to turn up.    It’s easy to get to the Christchurch zones so…..be there or be square… it’s a great place to visit    bright cones everywhere    there are a few people coming to my show from  far and wide and most will be from Christchurch For tickets look up LAF or contact us if you have trouble getting a … Continue reading LAF Lyttelton Gig

Christchurch & South Island for August

Hey friends    Luke here from www  LukeHurley.co.nz  just want to tell you I havent forgotten you and thank you for subscribing   I have news. Jan Bille the guy who produced Reha  (if you are unfamiliar with this album has offered to produce another album for me. Listen below. Reha by luke hurley Some opportunities have emerged but this one is the ruby in the dust.     I believe in NZ and in the great technical and production skills we have in our own land.  We … Continue reading Christchurch & South Island for August

Video content plan

Hi friends  – hope you all happy and healthy.  Please don’t forget to visit the music section where you will find some of my albums along with great music from all over the “Wir” & you can have a listen before you buy or even instead of… But please if you can help then do throw us a bone as we are embarking on moving pictures and need some assistance. The idea is to create video content  and for this it would … Continue reading Video content plan