Picton tonight

Mona Lisa

Le Cafe. Picton. If you are reading this and know anyone in Picton who needs to hear my sounds please call them and let them know I am playing at Le Cafe Picton tonight from 7.30pm. Tell them to ask for me. Or call 02102592919. It’s a big deal going without Netfix for a couple of hours but they can do it. I know they can Last night played at a tiny gathering in Island Bay where you enter the … Continue reading Picton tonight

All the tour dates

Well what do you reckon about touring? It’s been more than ten years since last I toured these 🌴 islands. A tiny record company  organised a tour for me and we did about 40 gigs. It ran at a big loss as most all tours do.  It was fun but sadly didn’t pay the bills.  Why? Elementary dear Watson. It’s a tiny country. Geographically as big as the Britain but peoplewise it’s the size of Manchester. And this presents formidable problems.  No matter who … Continue reading All the tour dates

Tour connections

Just having a coffee at Olaf’s on the eve of my prospective tour. So far we have bookings in a few offbeat venues. Perfect!probs run at a loss as all tours always do but it be fun and people be more important than things ay? If I were successful I wouldn’t have time to connect. “This name on the  latte is connection.” It wouldn’t happen unless I were loyal if only to where I sip a pensive dish of caffeine. Ha … Continue reading Tour connections

One take ensured the final result – new album in progress

Queenstown - lake

It’s been a long time. I had nothing to say. Frankly it was a tough time since the last post. The writing is on the wall for me and other impossible believers.  There is only a tiny ledge to stand on and it’s a long way down. In other news a new album has been recorded so there is that 🙂     But one things certain. There will always be die hard fans for simple acoustic music just as there … Continue reading One take ensured the final result – new album in progress

Luke Live – July Tour

Luke Hurley LIve

Bookings being taken now for July 2018 tour. No gig too anything. Call me now 021 0259 2919. First confirmed gig is 7th at Moutere.    And The secrets Of The Mona Lisa concert June 30 in Palmerston North. Updates to come. Invercargill July 13th, 14th. Download poster as an A4 pdf  (about 10mb) to print for your event. Poster includes space at the bottom for you to write in your details.

To Be or Not to Be – Short Documentary in Edge film festival

Luke Hurley - writing

‘To Be or Not to Be’ is an 11 min documentary Directed by Jing Chen, the 11-minute “conversation” takes its title from one of the songs from Hurley’s 1994 album Reha. He describes meeting the documentary makers as “wonderful serendipity”, saying they approached him while he was out busking in Auckland. “As we were working on it, I was amazed at how they were able to understand where I was coming from.” The full story is featured in the Stuff … Continue reading To Be or Not to Be – Short Documentary in Edge film festival