Concert at newly refurbished Ellen Melville Centre

Was thinking that blogging is very last week and not cool. Then it occurred to me that those  are great reasons to keep going. It’s amazing how kind you people have been to me   I need to write to you often The good news is that i have something to write about now that it is possible to return to my fav venue in its hugely improved condition. The gig is on Friday 27 October in the Pioneer Women’s Hall at the … Continue reading Concert at newly refurbished Ellen Melville Centre

House concert at Wellspring – Parau

You are invited to a house concert where Luke Hurley will perform in the intimate settings of the house and outside on the land of Wellspring (3 Armour Rd , Parau) on Sunday 26th March from 3 to 5 pm Beatrice writes “Luke is a well known singer/songwriter and guitarist whose idiosyncratic and perceptive songs are admired by many.” Refreshment will be served in the interval Door Charge – $10 to $20 sliding scale R S V P by email … Continue reading House concert at Wellspring – Parau

It’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them

Thank you readers for supporting me in 2016. Wonderful support and encouragement. You brought me great happiness We got the concerts underway We got the equipment needed guitars that match different styles Recordings also….But I have yet to promote these Facundo made two albums of my live playing for release on his Argentinian label He records for two days and VOILA he makes an album His point is very valid. The way things are now you can capture music easily … Continue reading It’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them

Songs – drawn out of thin air

In this forthcoming show the emphasis is on the new and unfamiliar…especially improvised songs that are drawn out of thin air. Songs that i dare not sing to anyone! Like the one i made up last night  about a dreaming time wasting egocentric nincompoop just like me. Songs about the grim reaper.  Songs about life’s river –  a river so immense that it carries the stars in its flow. Many songs that come out of nowhere and which i play to no … Continue reading Songs – drawn out of thin air

Lot 23 Studio Gig

The next Auckland concert coming up is at Lot23 Studio. This is a great venue which includes a cafe, a bar, a gallery, a performance space and sound stage. This will be a showcase performance and the plan is to film the show. Also performing will be MW (Marcus) Sellwood and Duncan Gillies. The doors open at 6pm for Tapas & Drinks. EFTPOS is available.  Tickets will be $25 each with a free (LH) album download of your choice to … Continue reading Lot 23 Studio Gig

RNZ (Radio NZ) Needs Help

Lets get behind this campaign we don’t want the zoot suits to kill RNZ just like they have destroyed most every other creative outlet. “Radio New Zealand is operating under an 8 year funding freeze. It is so poor that it has to sell its Auckland studios and then rent them back off the new owner. Please sign the petition on unfreeze its funding. They are continually making a whole series of sacrifices in order to stay viable. They shouldn’t … Continue reading RNZ (Radio NZ) Needs Help