Taranaki tomorrow – live is way better than a stream

Had a great chat with Murray at Stebbing Recording. We were discussing CDs and how sales have plummeted by 70% but are starting to rise again. We agreed that a track off Spotify sounds thin compared to the same track played on a CD player. CDs are significantly better would you not agree? If you can be bothered try listening to your fav track on cleptofy …..correction Spotify. And then play the same track on the cd album it was … Continue reading Taranaki tomorrow – live is way better than a stream

People of the streets not on the guest list

Played at an exhibition opening the other day that featured photos of street people. Awesome work as you can see. The guests  really wanna help these guys. But none were on the guest list.

The place was crowded out and high rollers turned up and the general vibe was authentic.   Bit like when Beethoven was all the rage but no one wanted him to do a house concert coz he would wreck the piano.

There’s the artist with the gallery boss and the artist with his associates.

Likewise these guys inspire great art but are themselves excluded from the opening.

It’s one thing thinking it’s good to be there for the down and out but it’s the too hard basket to give significant time to them. If time is money the time it would take to bring real hope is just way way way over budget.

But it’s a magnificent exhibition and it was literally an overnight sensation at  the high profile gallery hosting it. They didn’t even mention it on their website.  I thought “funny”.

But like most artistic enterprises in Auckland it’s not important unless it comes from overseas.

Let Me Take You By The Hand And Lead You Thru The Streets Of Auckland

You have to visit the Auckland CBD to witness the exponential increase in homeless people Property investors have had their fun in creating the biggest bubble in history. While some wait for the bubble to burst with a slump in property values. Others are experiencing the burst already in terms of not being able to afford a place to live. And where do many of them head? Into town or head for the hills. The hills are better but if … Continue reading Let Me Take You By The Hand And Lead You Thru The Streets Of Auckland

Concert at newly refurbished Ellen Melville Centre

Was thinking that blogging is very last week and not cool. Then it occurred to me that those  are great reasons to keep going. It’s amazing how kind you people have been to me   I need to write to you often The good news is that i have something to write about now that it is possible to return to my fav venue in its hugely improved condition. The gig is on Friday 27 October in the Pioneer Women’s Hall at the … Continue reading Concert at newly refurbished Ellen Melville Centre

House concert at Wellspring – Parau

You are invited to a house concert where Luke Hurley will perform in the intimate settings of the house and outside on the land of Wellspring (3 Armour Rd , Parau) on Sunday 26th March from 3 to 5 pm Beatrice writes “Luke is a well known singer/songwriter and guitarist whose idiosyncratic and perceptive songs are admired by many.” Refreshment will be served in the interval Door Charge – $10 to $20 sliding scale R S V P by email … Continue reading House concert at Wellspring – Parau

It’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them

Thank you readers for supporting me in 2016. Wonderful support and encouragement. You brought me great happiness We got the concerts underway We got the equipment needed guitars that match different styles Recordings also….But I have yet to promote these Facundo made two albums of my live playing for release on his Argentinian label He records for two days and VOILA he makes an album His point is very valid. The way things are now you can capture music easily … Continue reading It’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them