My Takoma Guitars

My Takoma Guitars

So funny to see these two side by side for the first time resting quietly in my practise room.
There’s Takoma on the left.  She served me well through a few albums and on many dusty streets and in various programmes including Ted X Auckland and LAF Lyttleton (the live album of this is near ready to release. Haven’t forgotten those who paid in advance. Will send you signed copies). She even went to China and Europe.

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The Wesley Market is a nice place to play at. Tuesdays and Fridays. Look out for me there at the Ono stand

The new normal

Hello friends – how have you been and are you back to the so called ” new normal” we evidently have to face.

I prefer hypernormal and too busy and prioritisation challenged leaving a huge pile of washing to normalise into clean clothes later and a junk filled yard to tidy itself.

Do you like my Blog?  It’s probably a little dated as it’s more a push play world now but I know my friends are with me on this leap backward.  I still think and hope you still like plain old words coz you can’t beat a book and there’s nothing better that text now is there?

Really grateful for the support my friends gave me over lockdown especially Sunlines generosity throughout coz without her help it would have been a lot tougher

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Fighting Things I cannot see- Rachel Garland

Fighting things we cannot see

Hi friends we find ourselves in a blended reality where no one knows what the next move is in the proverbial chess game where the powers have us playing chequers.

In the lockdown Jan Bille has fashioned three videos. Jungle. Love button. Happy Isles. Three songs – two of which are very recent. Jungles much older and I wrote it as a gentle opt out call at a progressively dehumanising system. This was about ’84 and we were relatively free then! People had time to listen . There was this nice window of tranquility before thumping vodoo beat electronic music took over everywhere.

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Luke Hurley - jungle video

Thinking about a lockdown video stream

Hi friends.

Prior to LOCKDOWN Jonathan Woodford Robinson called with a novel request. He wants to do a live stream for me in two weeks time and wondered which app would work best. I don’t know but someone reading this does so please if you be that person then get in touch so we can invite you into the project. It’s something to do during LOCKDOWN thats all the fun of a gig but without leaving home. Perfect!

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