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Jonas jessen hansen Adjo

Dunedin Gigs – Pre Christmas 2020

Hello everyone. I am in Dunedin briefly and need to mention these gigs i am doing this week. Short notice indeed but thats normal with me as promo doesn’t come easily and its the last thing i get around to

Saturday at Adjo 10 Bank St dinner and a show essential to book so if for any reason you cant contact the owners of this lively Danish performance venue then call me directly or text…02102592919 and i will book it myself. Fact is its a tiny venue so we can get away with micro promo.

Adjø is nordic cuisine check the menu
Hosting a show that promos happy isles and the new ep ‘The Jungle’ and thanks Darren Hammond who was the first to buy a copy of The Jungle.

Last person to play here was Delaney Davidson. Also they had Soaked Oats dreampop
Check their website for the promo of the event.

“ADJØ is an intimate licensed cafe and gallery focusing on emerging artists and cuisine from the Nordic kitchen. Our space is here to provide an alternative way to view and experience art, mixing with coffee, live music and delicious food, and looking out to the beautiful botanics”.

Then theres Best Cafe Sunday night…again its dinner and a show.
The Friday night gig is being opened by Natalie Yeoman. It’s a special one so try to make it
Again call me for details 021 0259 2919 if you are free on that night and i can book you in

Let’s see if this super short notice micro promo idea works. Please support original k1w1 music. It’s a huge struggle getting above the corporate white noise and singing about the human touch. Corporate rock is somewhat over represented and the world need little guys like me in the mix and thats where your support comes in .

Please help me get the human vibe out there and if you want me to play in a venue near you write in and tell me who to call Please

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New EP The Jungle is finally released this week. Videos for two of the tracks have been updated and links are below.

The Jungle
What You Will Instrumental

Dunedin Events

  1. Adjo Live

    November 28 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm NZDT
  2. Best Cafe – Dunedin

    November 29 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm NZDT


Snowing in Dunedin - cold fingers warming up

The Coast

If you haven’t really checked it out then this is a good time to do so. “Coast” is where it’s at. With a population – I am told-of just under 30 thousand there’s a spread spanning Karamea (where nobody has the time to go coz Coast trips don’t often include her on the itinerary) to glacier districts and beyond.

It’s massive and it’s beautiful and experiencing a new gold rush. At this time it’s less about primary produce and more about working remotely in paradise. Once the telco infrastructure is in place we will be able to live anywhere including in this greenies paradise. The last frontier is opening up.

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Rosebud of Riverton

Dunedin – Best Cafe 2

Well, friends if you have heard enough of “the new normal” (ghastly term) how about hyper normal? That seems to be what you get touring these days. A small number of people at any event and you can boast of full houses and feel like a winner.

With that in mind I had the idea to do shows that include dinner. That way the atmosphere is more convivial and people need to be serious about being there. With small gatherings it’s possible but it wouldn’t work in the “big time” (another ghastly concept). The dinner-show little-big-show idea was embraced with enthusiasm by Jessica at Best Cafe and the rest is a minor triumph. it was hyper normal. Ha ha

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