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Luke Hurley & Friends 22 Oct

October 22 concert – Coronation Hall – Auckland

The next Luke & Friends concert show will be a convivial mix of styles from me and my bros.. Duncan Gillies & Angel Gordon. Marcus Sellwood. Basant & The Professor.

The sound is taken care of by Paul Crowther -Split Enz original drummer. We will probably record some of the show. There will be good food on offer and the venue is close to a number of famous watering holes being situated on the edge of K Rd and Ponsonby Rd so you can always come and go as you fancy. Runsheet will be to schedule that will be chalked up for all to see.

Luke Hurley live Oct 22nd

This is the 4th show of its kind and the feedback has been promising. Its gonna be a good one and nowhere could you get this standard and variety for so little outlay. If you can make it pls come or sponsor someone else to come. It costs a lot to stage this event and we don’t want to carry a deficit. So far so good so lets do it again except this time to a full house!

Venue is 8 Gundry Street – just off K- Rd in Auckland. Map link to concert

Any questions pls call +64 21 0259 2919. Volunteers welcome btw. We need help to get the word out.

Dave Brent on Tour

Saw this at the Capitol cinema on Dominion Rd if you are in Auckland. It’s a clever movie. It’s great how Gervais further develops a character famous as a loser in a high profile doco and gives him the ambition to risk his pension fund on the road with a band of paid friends. Ironically the band is called ‘Foregone Conclusion’

There is a beautiful twist in the way this totally awkward cringe merchant – David (everyone knows a loser when they see one) Brent wins the natural affection of the friends he previously had to buy.

The love shines thru. He gets a glimpse of insight into his own behaviour and finds love back in the world he was trying to escape. A unique tragic-comic resolution – you gotta see it!

Please use the buttons below for Oct 22 concert tickets

$20 a ticko et  P.S click on orange buttons below to buy shopping cart. You will be emailed directly by secure PayPal. Tickets will also be for sale on the door – bring cash.

One ticket $20 (NZD)
2 tickets $40 (NZD)
4 tickets $80 (NZD)
Group of 10 -bring 9 of your buddies & you get a free ticket $180.00 (NZD)

The concert venue is 8 Gundry St, Hall entrance off Abbey St – see photo below. In some places it might be called ‘Old Folks Association Hall’ or Coronation Hall.


Poster: Plus large .PDF version below

Luke Hurley & Friends 22 Oct


Luke Hurley Concert

Showtime Auckland – 7pm – 18th March

The show on Friday is gonna be Hi Fi.  The sound system is a top of the line Bose system. The soundman is Paul Crowther ex Split Enz drummer and inventor of the world famous hotcake effects pedal.

My guests are Duncan Gilles songwriter and Basant Madur – world renowned tabla player. The venue is a much loved long standing one. The show starts at 7pm and cost is $20 at the door or you can pay online to save time. There will be new songs played on the night. A new album is being mixed and mastered right now. Come along and be among the first to hear those songs along with some old favourites / different arrangements. Come along – save the canaries.

Trying to find a venue wasn’t easy. The auckland city art gallery auditorium was my first approach – such fond memories of doing shows there in the 80s. That venue is now five times the hire cost since Auckland (city) turned into a corporation.

So i had to look elsewhere. That’s when my very kind friend Audrey van Ryn offered to book the venue we are using on Friday. Note: The Pioneer Women’s Hall is on the corner of High St and Freyberg Place in Central Auckland right near Metropolis.

Luke Hurley in concert

Please try to make it and if you can’t then perhaps you could treat a friend to a ticket.
Be safe, talk soon

ps please let me know what you are keen to read about as these blogs depend on your feedback.

For instance would you like me to post up lyrics to my songs/ or tips about places to play/
be part of this please and lets get a two way communication happening.

Busking is ‘the canary in the mine’ – concert Mar 18th

Very grateful for the support subscribers have given the somewhat difficult cause we are currently winning. It’s gone from the hopelessness of being stripped of my tools of trade to complete restitution largely due to your support.

Now it’s time for a celebration concert on March – Friday the 18th at 7pm. Please come along for an informal evening where I play for you and we take tea breaks and just chew the fat like in days gone by. Like in a folk club (but) without the formality and hushed Intensity In this event you are free to talk and take smoko breaks and holler and generally be yourself.

Luke Hurley Concert

Bring some bikkies if you wanna share food and your fav tea bags. Ha ha. We can supply the entertainment and hot water for tea. Venue is the Pioneer Women’s & Ellen Melville Hall in central Auckland – Freyberg Place.

$20 a ticket will cover venue and other costs. You will be emailed directly by secure PayPal P.S click on red buttons if you make a mistake & need to deduct amounts from the shopping cart.

Also appearing: Basant Madur & Duncan Gilles

Please use the buttons below for concert tickets

One ticket $20 (NZD)
2 tickets $40 (NZD)
4 tickets $80 (NZD)
Group of 10 -bring 9 of your buddies & you get a free ticket $180.00 (NZD)

Please book your ticket if serious about coming but there will be a limited number of door sales on the night.

If you feel like a beer then join us for a few drinks at the mezze bar close by right after the show.

Let’s do something simple easy going and fun and catch up to celebrate a new beginning. If it works we can easily make it regular. A cheap night out and a chance for us all to catch up without having to spend a fortune. Parking is relatively cheap if you use the Victoria St carpark or Downtown carpark.

I would really appreciate seeing all of you there…

Other news
Got interviewed by Vaughn Davis on Radio Live Waitangi Day day 10am to 11am. It’s on line if you wanna hear it.

Also TEDxAuckland posted up my river song. I introduced it with a dig at the mega supermarket that wouldn’t let me busk outside. The manager and assistant manager told me I couldn’t play & I told them I could. With a “we give up” they left me to it and I lost interest anyway. Ha ha

“Busking is the canary in the mine. If we are not allowed to play at the drop of a hat then that’s a sure indication of a dysfunctional operating system.”

“Impression without expression equals depression”

Try it wherever and whenever you can. Just play to people. It’s a benevolent human interchange and a basic human right

Marcus Turner died suddenly I went to his funeral in Dunedin. Very moving. His NHNZ TV colleagues shared some great insights about him. The guy was a genius. It’s hard to find the last album Marcus made. It’s called laid down. If you go to the kiwi folk website you will find a way to procure it. How can an album so great go unrecognised? It’s unbelievable. Find it. Play it. You will be astonished. What a great man. God bless his soul.

Call me if there’s anything I can do for you or if you need to know more about the 18th. 021 0259 2919
Be safe. Play soon. Come along on the 18th and “Save a Canary” 🙂


Broken Hallelujah – new film

Film-TalkThere will be a screening of Broken Hallelujah this Friday 17th at Rialto Newmarket, with a Q&A after the screening with the film makers, Alastair and Vanessa Riddell and key cast Ben Mitchell and Greg Smith.

We really hope you can make it and support the film, look forward to seeing you there.

After that you can see it for 3-5 weeks at the cinema. Watch the trailer below. The film includes music by me as a busker.

BROKEN HALLELUJAH (Trailer) Bound by love. Broken by betrayal. Redeemed by hope. from Alastair Riddell on Vimeo.

The Big Bang -Sound – live at TEDxAuckland 2014

Photo by Alan Ren.

I will be playing a couple of songs at TEDxAuckland. One of those songs will likely be “The Sound” which featured in an un-famous NZ movie called “Insatiable Moon”. Thanks for stopping by.

“It all started with a sound, Look you here this solid ground, We’re living in deep space….for lyrics.”

Here we are at the Aotea Centre doing a ten minute spot Aug 16th. Did three songs, River, Only love and The sound. .”You don’t make money telling the truth” to quote my friend Ed Higby as he gave me a consolation prize of a twenty dollar note.

He advised me to go to the Pacific Islands. That was 20 years ago and i still haven’t gone. Ironically i did get invited to play in Niue just recently and it would be great to go. Somethings gotta come of such events and a booking or two would be great.

Photo by me from the stage

Here is one of the clips from that performance. River.

Duvalier – Haiti Revisited

Haiti has been the news lately because the big quake there was a year ago.
The Duvalier song (on Reha album) was written about Haitian history. Jean Claude

“The former ruler left Haiti in 1986 after a 15-year rule plagued by corruption and a crumbling economy.” After the quake Duvalier bizarrely pledged $8 million to the Red Cross.

He now lives in Paris and best estimates of his fortune are in the hundreds of millions – all suspected of being dishonestly obtained from the nation. Song lyrics for Duvalier are below with a player so you can listen to this song.

You took the money from my people
You took the bell from the steeple
You took my only hope away
Jean Claude Duvalier

And if greed were a virtue
I know that nothing would hurt you
If corruption were quaint
You’d be some kind of living saint

Duvalier Duvalier
you took the money and you ran away
Duvalier Duvalier
you took the money and you ran

Who was that beautiful lady
The one by your side
The one O so well dressed
The one you had to hide

Who was that beautiful lady
The queen of every shopping spree
Live a life of luxury back in gay Paree

Duvalier Duvalier
you took the money and you ran away
Duvalier Duvalier
You took it back to France

Now that suffering has come to you
And you’re scraping for a franc or two
When you know just what to do
I guess you’ll turn around

You took the money from my people
You took the bell from the steeple
You took my only hope away
Jean Claude Duvalier

Jean Claude Duvalier
Jean Claude Duvalier

For more see link below.

Update: Duvalier died in 2014.

Reha is now live on iTunes

Reha album on iTunesUpdate: No longer on iTunes see Bandcamp page.

Originally released in 1994 Reha was produced by Norwegian  Jan Bille. Players are

Luke Hurley :  12 string ovation/vocal

James Wilkinson : bass/backing vocals

Jan Bille :  electric guitar/e bow

Mathew Lawrence : percussion

All songs  by Luke Hurley

The word Reha means the realisation that we have eternal life

Who would not want to know this state of being? Sometimes I think we all have it. Its like eternity is planted in our hearts.

The album was recorded  one week at KATS Christchurch and post production was done in the weeks following

I just laid down the guitar and vocal and Jan and James did the rest

I never had the resources to promote this album.  It’s a bit of a sleeper. It doesn’t just have my  sound. It also has Jan’s signature. His production work is unique. I hope to work with him again soon.

Without Jann Hurley’s help Reha would never have materialised. She suggested I work with Jan Bille & made it possible to go down to Christchurch . Everything To Me was written for her

Not Easy To We think we understand things. We know very little.Life’s a miracle and a mystery!

to be continued

Duvalier about the Haitian dictator was a memorable song from this album.

“Duvalier .. Duvalier- you took the money and you ran away.”

The new artwork is by  Elena Panaita  based on a  photo by Dave Mann .