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Luke Hurley guitarist and singer songwriter from New Zealand.

Kerikeri Pre Christmas Gigs

Playing in Kerikeri today 23rd and Saturday 24th.

Today (23rd December) on the Peria Village Green next to the Bush Fairy Dairy at 1195 Oruru Rd, Peria from 3:30pm till duskish.

Tomorrow  (Dec 24th) at same time 3:30pm till duskish at Kerikeri Organic off State Highway 10 follow the signs for live music, food and local faire. See mini posters below.

Hope alls well with you all

Just letting you know about these gigs I am doing far north. If you are within striking distance pleeeeeeease come.

I just got back from a nationwide tour and it was wonderful. Your support made it possible. Special thanks to Mary who was a huuuuge help when i was running out of ⛽️

This trip is a tiny four hours away so I am all good for getting there and some of you will turn up and help me return by enjoying my show and throwing a few bones. Nice spot up there so there’s no hurry to return so if you know if any tiny gigs I can do pls call 021 0259 2919 . Lol

It’s not a big known fact that even the big name acts have a world of trouble recovering the costs of a tour. With me it’s possible coz it’s a very lean operation. The car is economical and it’s just one mouth to feed and I’m not too much trouble when invited to stay.

But one can’t say I was always low maintenance back in my younger days especially when I drank to oblivion and had zero empathy for the people trying to help me. In those days it was easy to get paranoid about who did or didn’t have my back.

Anyways in the next blog I will detail where I played and what it was like in the hope musicians reading this will want to play these places also and get the punters off their comms and out and about experiencing raw unadulterated life
….real life.

Would write more but I gotta get in my car and hit the proverbial road which will be jam packed and sluggish.

Best wishes for Christmas wherever you are. Thanks for your support.

If you have all the music and just want to help out donations gratefully accepted.

As always check my bandcamp for music streaming and downloads.

Levin the Vida Loca photo by Tanya Mishchuk. Thanks Tanya.

Levin the Vida Loca

Very chuffed by the great response to the last blog especially the way old friends from decades ago made an appearance at my show in Collingwood at Ngangas cafe….

Right now I’m on a ferry to Wellington. Levin the Vida Loca is next.

But now it’s about time to play the Firebird Levin where the tour started and where you can from 6pm tomorrow evening  tonight. Excuse the short notice but it’s only been confirmed very recently.

After this I go home to plot the next one. Hoping this time we won’t get last minute cancelations . So far it’s looking promising so let us know if you can scope a gig. Just text or talk to me 02102592919.

Lets get this circus rolling from late Feb 2023. There will be other gigs before that but it’s up to you. I rely exclusively on word of mouth for gigs. Call me coz I won’t call you.

Talk soon
God bless
Ps please check
Happy to report the very valuable Gibson that went missing out of “Gipsys” instrument collection was recovered. Andrew Robertson prayed it would return and it did just the way he requested it would. Astonishing

Happy Isles are waking up – Golden Bay

The Happy Isles are waking up.  The hot spots are buzzing and curiosity is getting the better of agrophobia the whole of human history I bet we have always been on the brink of total annihilation.

With that in mind this is to invite you to my return show at the Mad Cafe Golden Bay this Saturday. Also a return show in the works at Firebird soon after. This is a by popular demand deal coz the other show was huge fun on account of Craig Denim and Francis Maxino joining me.

Nganga has installed a dj at the close of my show I am told he’s cool….so if you wanna stay on when my shows over so much the better.
Show starts at 6pm tomorrow. Mad Cafe Collingwood. GOLDEN BAY

Firebird are great people

Tour Updates – Firebird Repeat

Firebird in Levin invited me to do a “return by popular demand” show seeing as the Blueskin Gallery gig has been postponed. So Thursday from 7pm It’s another live show at Firebird. Koha in the hat would be appreciated as tour costs are challenging.

Thanks to Georgie who suggested contacting the Commercial in Wanganui …the outcome is an invite to play there this Friday from 2pm to 5pm. Again Koha.  Apologies Whanganui is cancelled will try again another time to play in Whanganui. Last minute bookings are hard to pull off.

Mad Cafe Golden Bay Sunday night 13th November

We very enjoy Koha! Ha ha

I have invited Stevie so he may be there too. He’s the Pete Seeger of the 2020s

If you like my sounds please visit me on bandcamp

Please keep supporting this micro roadshow by calling me if you have any leads for gigs 02102592919.
Also.. Please visit me on You can listen to 12 albums there for free. Get downloads or streams as they wish too.

The two other confirmed gigs are Tuatara Invercargill 25th November and Trundles on Teviot in Roxburgh the 26th November. Bookings needed for that one please.
Roxburgh is dinner and a show with me performing.

Hoping to announce a gig in Arrowtown soon too.

Heard a story about truth and lies.they were walking side by side getting along just fine. They came to a swimming hole and stripped off and dived in. Lies got out and got dressed and ran off with truth’s clothes. Truth is running around naked trying to explain what happened but everybody thinks he’s crazy

Remember the days when this was a common communication
“If there’s anything I can do for you please call me”

Let’s make that particular one popular again.
Just call me if there’s anything I can do! Spot on

Or email
lukehurleymusic  without the gap

Some albums / songs on Spotify now too

Your support makes all the difference. Many thanks
God bless
Pic is Lily (Chief of staff) and mum …Firebird 2020. Delightful venue. Great people.

Coasting EP - Luke Hurley

Touring Again – Levin to Invers

Hello again – New gigs coming up for November. Playing from Levin to Invercargill (so far) in November. Any suggestions of places to play in NZ between now and Christmas. Call me 02102591919 *

God bless. We will add new dates / venues when we have them so please keep an eye on this list and the events list. (Thanks Nigel in Rolleston we see you 🙂

This Saturday 5th Nov with Stevie Starr at the Firebird Levin from 7.30pm

It’s a fun venue to kick off my southern musical adventure at

Playing also at Blueskin Gallery (Waitati -Dunedin) and Saturday 12th.  Apologies Waitati folks. Due to circumstances out of our control Sat 12th Nov is  available for another gig. If you have any ideas let us know but we are working on an alternative location.

Roxburgh 26th of November. At Trundles on Teviot (more detail coming) Dinner and a show plus gin tasting. Phone them to book as it there are only a few places left.

And Invercargill in between at the Tuatara cafe. Date and time TBC asap.

There are holes in the itinerary as its a short notice manoeuvre.

Let us know if you want me to play at yours in the tour gaps .just call me 02102592919
… if you can conquer up a gathering …. then let’s do it.
Live is best! You don’t need to go to a show…just dial up a love delivery

If you have time please go to and check out my stuff.

Tomorrow 4th of Nov is Bandcamp Friday so that is less costs to the artist (me)

“on Bandcamp Fridays, an average of 93% of your money reaches the artist/label (after payment processor fees). When you make a purchase on any other day (as millions of you have, with close to $1 billion now paid directly to artists), an average of 82% reaches the artist/label. Every day is a good day to support artists on Bandcamp!”

If you want to listen to everything there for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you can.

OR – go to Spotify and get your lugholes around a few albums but if you don’t have a premium account they shuffle you off to the mainstream artists that get allllllllllllllllllll
The airplay and allllllllllllllllll the gigs and all the awards and grants and sponsors.
That’s how it is unless you become a very squeaky wheel and tell your ardents that you would appreciate some feedback.

Very grateful for the support you good people have given me and I just wanna let you know we have not been idle. We produced a Lot over the last couple of years.

*Just a quick note.i am a bit vague about dates coz I would really appreciate if you looked up where I will be playing and see if I am advertised. Also it’s a great thing if you contact the venues and let them know I am someone ya wanna check out.good for me and good for research as to how is.

At the moment my promo budget is about 69cents so would really appreciate it if anyone interested in checking out one or more of these gigs could stir up some interest on the worldwidewoofter

God bless
Talk soon

Latest Update:

Was discussing with my long suffering friend Jason Kemp the logistics of the blog. The main thing we wanna do is communicate a lot. To do so isn’t as easy as it seems. To cut to the chase without being too slimy I would just ask for a bit of support so we can increase the promo budget up from 69cents.

Call me 02102592919 if you have any leads for possible gigs from now until this time 2030 (by which Time the world will be run by scaley creatures and we will just get what we are given and locked in a shoooooo box….ie a box that shooooos real life visitors away)

Seriously though.i am on tour from noon today heading south and only have about two south island gigs. All anyone has to do is call and say when and where and we can talk about the finer details later and no I won’t charge ridiculous money coz this isn’t a business. It’s at a cost to us not at a profit.

To use Elisha Kerin’s term I fancy myself as a profitless Prophet and my gospel is “create a convivial space in your place and let people meet and greet and eat…..and hear some cool original sounds”

In other words instead of a diet of Netflixs voyeuristic eyewash….why not have your fav artists come play yours (your place or your fav venue where you coax the owner into hiring me) over a meal in a convivial atmos….something we were prohibited from doing for.two years plus (hello?Have we the elephants in this system forgotten being tied by the ankle to a stake for two years and now being free of the chain we still walk roundi roundi conditioned to prohibiting ourselves enjoyment of strolling around the entire circus field.

There’s no work in it. i can do the running. Just call me. Date. Time. That’s it….all you need do is invite your friends. How hard is that? If cost is an issue we can just pass the hat around and I will sing for my supper. Get it? Sing for my “superannuation”…..grandad joke