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House concert at Wellspring – Parau

You are invited to a house concert where Luke Hurley will perform in the intimate settings of the house and outside on the land of Wellspring (3 Armour Rd , Parau) on Sunday 26th March from 3 to 5 pm

Beatrice writes

“Luke is a well known singer/songwriter and guitarist whose idiosyncratic and perceptive songs are admired by many.”

Refreshment will be served in the interval
Door Charge – $10 to $20 sliding scale
R S V P by email to or phone 09 817 555

Concert news – friends performing include

Come alongs for new songs and friends – the remains of the day….Artists performing on Satirday August 6th include…

1. Marcus Sellwood

mwMW (Marcus) Sellwood is an Auckland blues artist. He’s played under many guises in cafes, clubs, pubs and widely on the street for the last 20 years. His exciting electric guitar grooves and wry vocal style combine for a fresh take on blues music in the new millennium!

2. Basant Madhur

Basant Madhur is a widely acknowledged tabla player and a much-respected artiste in the arena of Indian Classical Music. On account of his versatility and pleasing disposition, he is the most sought & creative artist in the realm of Indian classical music in New Zealand and Australasia as a whole.

Born into a family of musicians, he took early training from his elder brother Deepak Madhur and received expert guidance from Punjab Gharana tabla maestro, the late Pt. Pawan Kumar Verma. During his college period, he received numerous awards at state, zonal & national level youth festivals. At the same time, All India Radio & Television approved him as a performing artist at AIR & television in Shimla. Madhur moved to New basantZealand in 2002 and established the “Sargam School of Indian Music.” By 2006, he had trained more than 300 students- some of which at a very high level. In 2008 he received the Award of Appreciation for his contribution to the field of music by GOPIO (Global organization of People of Indian Origin New Zealand).

Basant has had the honor of accompanying some of the stalwarts of Indian Classical Music such as Grammy winner Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt in New Zealand and USA, Pt. Ronu Majumdar in New Zealand & Australia, Pt. Rakesh Chaurasia, saxophone genius Dr. Kadri Gopalnath and mridangam player Patri Satish Kumar to name a few. He has also collaborated with several western musicians such as John Ellis, Luke Hurley, Murray McNabb, Frank Gibson Jr., Jon sanders and Prosad Freeman in fusion music. Other then being a regular feature in many music festivals in New Zealand, Basant is known to perform in India, Australia and USA on other occasions.


3. Duncan Gillies and Angel Gordon

Angel_DuncanDuncan Gillies and Angel Gordon have been playing together for six years. Duncan is a songwriter of some considerable repute, writing and performing his own material who explores God, love, loss and everything inbetween, while Angel is master musician who adds depth and atmosphere to their songs.




4. Steven Hood

stevieLauded by the media as “One of the brightest new things on the New Zealand music scene” (New Zealand Herald) New Zealand singer songwriter Stevie Starr’s (now performing as Steven Hood) debut album “We Hope In All Things New” continues to received acclaim by critics and audiences alike. Press described the album as “Like Sigur Rós if they hung out with Radiohead in a Horowhenua forest.” (The Sunday Star Times) and Rip It Up noted Starr as an “Act to Look Out For”. Steven takes inspiration from his expeditions, hitch-hiking around NZ and Europe, playing gigs at the Starclub in Hamburg, meeting Maori tribal elders at Waitangi, dossing with crab farmers, and drinking with locals on the road, hoping one might offer him a refreshing beverage in exchange for a tale. Currently Steven has been working on his follow-up LP, due for release next year. “We Hope In All Things New” is distributed by Border Music and DRM.

5. Luke Hurley

Luke Hurley’s music has been described as a blend of finely honed edgy lyrics and minimal inimitable guitar. Luke sings about topics finely tuned to the times.
His music has influenced a generation with songs like “I’m in love with the Mona Lisa”, “First Civilian”, “Make Room” and “The Sound”. His music has featured in movies like “The Insatiable Moon” and “Broken Hallelujah” he has made albums like “Make Room” and “High Risk” that have influenced bands and numerous solo artists.
He tests everything he writes on the street and has hugely influenced the busking scene in Auckland. His material is fully realised before it makes it to the show.

To get tickets online go here or rock up with cash on the night. Thanks.

The show on Saturday includes not only me but also




A set of videos

This set of videos comes from MW Sellwood who has made a YT channel featuring buskers and street performers. He has included several clips of Luke which he made into a playlist. Comments and clips are from him.

Donations for Lukes – Guitar / Car

On 24th of August Lukes car was stolen with a rare Steve Barkman guitar in it. The thieves then drove to his house where the stole his passport and some other gear which all has to be replaced as he was not insured. More info is here and over here

Pick an amount below to donate $NZ 5, 10, 50 or $100 to Luke. A shopping cart will display immediately in the sidebar (or below) and this will allow you to make secure payments from your credit card via PayPal.

Thanks again for your very practical help. Thanks to the 10 or so people who have already bought music or made donations. Update: Thanks again for those donations and for all of you who have topped up your music collections off bandcamp 🙂

Keep an eye out of for that rare Steve Barkman guitar. Another SB is pictured at left.

You will be emailed directly by Paypal P.S click on red buttons if you make a mistake & need to deduct amounts from the shopping cart.

Donate $5 (NZD)

Donate $10 (NZD)

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If you would rather buy music the best way to do this is on Bandcamp using the link below. Purchases done like that can be for albums or individual songs but best thing is that payments are almost instant to Lukes PayPal account. You may also buy on iTunes or other stores but iTunes charges relatively large fees and takes up to 3 months to pay so not as useful.

Buy Lukes Music Online

Guitar & Car stolen with other gear – please help

Last Friday Luke’s car was stolen from a carpark in Auckland city. Can you help find the people who did this? If you see the car or the guitar let the police in your area know. ( grey Terrano)

Luke says (on Facebook)

“Yesterday my car(Nissan Terano ETT421) got stolen from the Victoria St carpark and it looks like the thieves used the gps to find my place and stole selected items passport windup record player(of all things) from my residence also.

The biggest loss was the SB six string which was in the car (in a Taylor case). The carpark owned by Auckland Transport has video cameras that could help investigate who took the car but the cameras are only set up to police parking revenue and not to safeguard customers’ property.COWBOY COUNTRY!”

Unfortunately the neither the car nor any of the musical gear nor the household contents  was insured. The police are following up but maybe you can help if you see the car or the guitar and its distinctive Taylor softcase please let the police know.

See pics at left from the side and the front.

The guitar was a custom made 6 string Steve Barkman prototype. It has a distintive SB on the headstock.

For most people the loss of a guitar would be bad but for Luke this is terrible since performing and playing live is what he does for a living.

Thanks to those who have already offered help and support on FB and elsewhere.

Ed says: If you want to top up your music collection use Lukes bandcamp link as it is the fastest way to get $ to Luke and you get music in return.

Do you have a photo of the 6 string Barkman ? If so please email it Luke Hurley to this address

Want to make to be very practical and help Luke get back on his feet? you can now also make a donation directly below.

Pick an amount below to donate $NZ 5, 10, 50 or $100 to Luke. A shopping cart will display immediately below ( or in the sidebar if that is easier) and this will allow you to make secure payments from your credit card via PayPal. Thanks again for your very practical help.

Donate $5 (NZD)

Donate $10 (NZD)

Donate $50 (NZD)

Donate $100 (NZD)

The Sound – Live 2012

Great to hear from Floray who made a video and passed on these quick notes.

“Hi Luke,

Firstly it was just fantastic just listening to you on that gloomy overcast Auckland afternoon. I absolutely love each and every song on your Album on the CD.

There’s definitely something unique about your music and probably even more unique for me to have discovered you at this point in my life where I’m struggling. I’m sure struggle is an unfamiliar word in your vocabulary somehow there is a sense of that in your music.

Anyways Keep doing this great job you’r fantastic and I hope things get better my end and I’m able to move up to Auckland then I’d get to hear you Live more often. I’d surely be interested to buy some more CD’s if this job comes thru.

Take care and look after yourself mate..”


Here is the video

Published on Jun 25, 2012 by uttamfloray
Luke Hurley on Queens Street, Auckland, New Zealand. The Sound that stopped me to listen. Got a signed CD of Best of Luke Hurley and I enjoy every bit of it. A hint of Celtic sound his Music is very Unique and Touching. I hope you all enjoy it.