Kerikeri Pre Christmas Gigs

Playing in Kerikeri today 23rd and Saturday 24th.

Today (23rd December) on the Peria Village Green next to the Bush Fairy Dairy at 1195 Oruru Rd, Peria from 3:30pm till duskish.

Tomorrow  (Dec 24th) at same time 3:30pm till duskish at Kerikeri Organic off State Highway 10 follow the signs for live music, food and local faire. See mini posters below.

Hope alls well with you all

Just letting you know about these gigs I am doing far north. If you are within striking distance pleeeeeeease come.

I just got back from a nationwide tour and it was wonderful. Your support made it possible. Special thanks to Mary who was a huuuuge help when i was running out of ⛽️

This trip is a tiny four hours away so I am all good for getting there and some of you will turn up and help me return by enjoying my show and throwing a few bones. Nice spot up there so there’s no hurry to return so if you know if any tiny gigs I can do pls call 021 0259 2919 . Lol

It’s not a big known fact that even the big name acts have a world of trouble recovering the costs of a tour. With me it’s possible coz it’s a very lean operation. The car is economical and it’s just one mouth to feed and I’m not too much trouble when invited to stay.

But one can’t say I was always low maintenance back in my younger days especially when I drank to oblivion and had zero empathy for the people trying to help me. In those days it was easy to get paranoid about who did or didn’t have my back.

Anyways in the next blog I will detail where I played and what it was like in the hope musicians reading this will want to play these places also and get the punters off their comms and out and about experiencing raw unadulterated life
….real life.

Would write more but I gotta get in my car and hit the proverbial road which will be jam packed and sluggish.

Best wishes for Christmas wherever you are. Thanks for your support.

If you have all the music and just want to help out donations gratefully accepted.

As always check my bandcamp for music streaming and downloads.