Firebird are great people

Tour Updates – Firebird Repeat

Firebird in Levin invited me to do a “return by popular demand” show seeing as the Blueskin Gallery gig has been postponed. So Thursday from 7pm It’s another live show at Firebird. Koha in the hat would be appreciated as tour costs are challenging.

Thanks to Georgie who suggested contacting the Commercial in Wanganui …the outcome is an invite to play there this Friday from 2pm to 5pm. Again Koha.  Apologies Whanganui is cancelled will try again another time to play in Whanganui. Last minute bookings are hard to pull off.

Mad Cafe Golden Bay Sunday night 13th November

We very enjoy Koha! Ha ha

I have invited Stevie so he may be there too. He’s the Pete Seeger of the 2020s

If you like my sounds please visit me on bandcamp

Please keep supporting this micro roadshow by calling me if you have any leads for gigs 02102592919.
Also.. Please visit me on You can listen to 12 albums there for free. Get downloads or streams as they wish too.

The two other confirmed gigs are Tuatara Invercargill 25th November and Trundles on Teviot in Roxburgh the 26th November. Bookings needed for that one please.
Roxburgh is dinner and a show with me performing.

Hoping to announce a gig in Arrowtown soon too.

Heard a story about truth and lies.they were walking side by side getting along just fine. They came to a swimming hole and stripped off and dived in. Lies got out and got dressed and ran off with truth’s clothes. Truth is running around naked trying to explain what happened but everybody thinks he’s crazy

Remember the days when this was a common communication
“If there’s anything I can do for you please call me”

Let’s make that particular one popular again.
Just call me if there’s anything I can do! Spot on

Or email
lukehurleymusic  without the gap

Some albums / songs on Spotify now too

Your support makes all the difference. Many thanks
God bless
Pic is Lily (Chief of staff) and mum …Firebird 2020. Delightful venue. Great people.