Firebird 2

A tale of two cities

It is the best of times and the worst of times… like “Tale of two Cities”. Dunedin and Auckland -in my view- are estranged somewhat. The former inspired me to write songs and the latter allowed wider reach and back then(80s) DJs on student radio had scope to play what they liked .

At one point my songs were popular in Auckland before I lived there. Things got better for me in home town Dunedin due to the presence of Auckland students in Dunedin. Always loved Auckland for that early boost to my ego. ha ha

And let’s face it I was young and full of the need to be validated. Now being old it doesn’t matter so much. I don’t do it for money I do it for love…the love of money.

Dunediner “where are you from?”
Aucklander: “Auckland”
Dunediner “I’m sorry?”
Aucklander “Auckland”
Dunediner “I said I’m sorry”

Sums it up ay?on the other side its more like this:

Aucklander “where are you from?”
Dunediner “Dunedin”
Aucklander “Awesome. Love Edinburgh of the south”

It’s a fabulous city and still arguably the cultural ruby in the dust but its naturally isolated and doesn’t need to be. The doors open.

If you are a Dunediner and wanna visit me when in Auckland then simply call 02102592919. Kettles on.

In conclusion there’s a bunch of recordings on bandcamp you can listen to and maybe even Koha to.

There’s also a few on Spotify. Sorry Neil…but you had to make way for me. ha ha
Also I have cds. Just call me and I will tell you more.

The live album recorded just before the first lockdown is about to be released on cd. We have the proofs already. Need all the help possible to get the word out. Contact me if you wanna help promote it. I send you one free if you agree to actively get it played on your friends’ car stereos .

This is small-time and as a result we can collaborate in simple ways. Talk to me. Let’s get this thing pumping. The plan is to get Gulliver to give a free CD to every customer. Things like that. Help me realise it people. Also concert in Levin this weekend. 

Photo is of quiet time at Firebird cafe. Happy customers, friendly staff.