Streams Come True

Streams Come True

Thanks for supporting – Live – my latest acoustic album and Happy Isles before it.

Both produced/mastered by Jan Bille and Ian MacAlister. Tony is putting everything online onto multiple streams. Help yourself but don’t forget to return to Bandcamp where the latest releases go and where it’s possible to contribute if the spirit moves you.

The single just released on Spotify is First Civilian about the 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster. It’s a kinda parable of Genesis reversed where Adam tempts Eve (Kirsta) with the apple🍎 that turns into a fireball.

Nigel Gavin plays bass /keyboards/ lead guitar while Kath Tait sings backing vocals with Steve Garden drumming and producing at Progressive Studios. He went on to create Rattle Records with Tim Gummer. Nigel created The Gitbox Rebellion and has toured with the likes of Robert Fripp.

Neville Copland flew me up from Dunedin and paid for this wonderful production the likes of which is not possible in these digital times.

Check out also placement of High Risk and Best Of remastered on Spotify and various streams.

Look up Lockdown _ Tony Parker. It’s his first single release.

We are keen to hear from you if you want an opinion on your recordings. Tony loves to listen to albums with a view to tweaking them into streams.