The New Mental

The New Mental

Looking back on the last trip is sobering. Decided this time to proceed with great caution and not lose anything.Still no news of the 1984 strat plus fender that went missing 160ks out of Christchurch out Arthur’s pass way.

We will get it back in due course…of course…its God’s Guitar after all. It’s been stolen twice and recovered in mysterious ways . It’s never been lost on an open highway before though. Just awaiting some info on its serial number and stuff….thats gonna be handy. Stevie star has that info as he once studied GG and is in the process of sourcing a 1984 model just like it.

The reason I lost it – apart from my own carelessness … is due to me not obeying the little voice in my head when there clearly was someone I was meant to lend it to and I didn’t.. shame on me
When I lose some item that’s very important to me I try at once to replace it with something as or almost as good. In this case it’s a Godin 12 string electric acoustic matched with a Mesa boogie amp. It won’t be the same as GG but it is an amazing combination. What’s really great is its bias toward electric with a beautiful tinge of acoustic.. and the amp is perfection. I am paying it off bit by bit. Chriso laid down a hefty deposit and it’s up to me to find the rest.

By the way if the last sentence seems like a hint then I have to admit it is. It would be great to get some gigs to pay it off…. so hire me now just call 021 0259 2919 or head to where you can find a lot of my sounds. The Jungle EP and the Happy Isles and more.

If you want to get all the music Bandcamp have a discount of 25% for the full bundle

It’s amazing how many times people tell me they like my sounds and I should be better known and they wish they could help.they can. Give us a gig! now!

It’s a political world is it not? Every time I feel like saying something about the little boogie bugster that’s bleeding the life out of our social world and which divides friends and families everywhere …I try to bite my tongue coz I know for sure it’s gonna go down like a turd in a punch bowl. You can’t say a thing without inviting a long discussion or have abuse hurled at you.
Happened to me last week. I raised my concerns and they were identified as conspiracies and I was sworn at and exiled from friends of 25 years standing.

Yes folks. If it’s not the politically obsessed narrative you need courage to voice it. Trouble is we are being asked to trust politicians. It’s a tough balancing act. Must be time to write the lockdown blues?

Feels like it’s near the close of closing time for the old world. What emerges is something vibrant to replace it. Welcome to the new mental.

Invite me to the hood brothers and sisters. Let’s catch up while we are still relatively free to do so. Some gigs

MAR 14 FRom 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Lyttleton house concert

MAR 18
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Invercargill at Tuatara Lodge Cafe

MAR 20 From 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Blueskin Bay or Event link