Lost 80’s Strat – Please return

Hello friendly readers. Hope you are thriving.

Monday (14th Dec ) about 6am and about 160ks from Christchurch* as i drove away from this picnic spot in the direction of Christchurch i heard something slip and fall. * Possibly near the Lewis Pass.

Stopped the car had a look in the backseat assuming the sound was internal. The back hatch was open but it appeared nothing had fallen out and a heavy briefcase in the back seemed to be displaced and this seemed to account for the sound i had heard.

Everything seemed to be in order so i drove on to Diamond Harbour only to discover on arrival that the guitar i needed for the recording session was missing. Only then did it click.

It had fallen out the back way down the line hundreds of Ks away. And it was THE guitar that we affectionately call Gods guitar. Its an 80s fender strat plus. One of the first ever made according to Jeff Becks specs.

It has been lent to many people over the years and returned with many stories associated with its wonderful tone. It’s been stolen twice and recovered by the most amazing circumstances. It seems to just go where it will. So here is my special request to you. Please get the word out.

And below here is a photo of that guitar. If you find it please let me know. It would be great to get it returned. If you are in or near Christchurch it can be sent to audio-centric


Did you have a listen to The Jungle yet. Newest music recording over on Bandcamp

More info on The Jungle is here.

Thanks everyone. Would be great to get the strat back if at all possible.