Les Paul guitar

The dream guitar – Les Paul

I was so proud of my 15 dollar Suzuki guitar . You know how it is. You get something you like and assume it is the best.  So imagine my surprise at seeing this dream of an instrument…

Les Paul

Displayed with a price tag literally 40 times greater than my gitbox. I just could not imagine ever having enough to buy such a thing. That was way back in the early 70’s and its taken from then until today to actually acquire one.

It’s a great feeling.  At long last.

And what I really love about is it’s always sounding great. No matter how much you fool around with the treble bass volume knobs and the dinky little toggle switch. It has this really cheeky perfection.


We are taking a bit of an electric detour soon as Jan Bille my producer wants to explore the possibilities of electrifying my songs.  It didn’t hurt Dylan did it? Ha ha.

Note: “Les Paul is the only person to be included in both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the National Inventors Hall of Fame.”

So that’s the next recording project and we will be using the full armoury. Fender Strat plus. Steve Barkman 12s. Takoma standard and Takoma baritone and Taylor 6 string.

We will be using a guitar synth too.
It’s like the full train set for Christmas.

Before this there’s the deluxe Happy Isles soundtrack on cd which is 16 minutes longer than the record and with a most stunning followup image painted. By Justin Summerton who did the painting below.

Happy Isles
Happy Isles – Cover

The working title of this epic is Happy Isles Jungle.

Here is a nw video for the song Whero.

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Don’t make bombs
Sing songs. OK?

See you in the not too distant soonies

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