My Takoma Guitars

My Takoma Guitars

So funny to see these two side by side for the first time resting quietly in my practise room.
There’s Takoma on the left.  She served me well through a few albums and on many dusty streets and in various programmes including Ted X Auckland and LAF Lyttleton (the live album of this is near ready to release. Haven’t forgotten those who paid in advance. Will send you signed copies). She even went to China and Europe.

Takoma 3 guitars

To the right of Takoma is Taylor. Brand new 2020 and ready for a long life please God ( as my dad often added when saying something he felt emotified about. Is emotified a word? Well it is now!)

Both great guitars and distinctive sounding. The new generation Taylor is amazing just as the Takoma is well seasoned and subtle. You can hear it all thru Sister Moon and Happy Isles and the yet to be released tracks we recorded in the middle of nowhere in a shed in a field with a beautiful cow high on grass sharing a good vibe. No I tell a lie. That one was big mama baritone Takoma. Awesome sounding guitar. It has a paisley shaped soundhole which makes it look different.

Takoma is close enough to 25 or more. She was made in a factory with 70 very skilled luthiers who were dismissed when Fender took over and tried to automate the process and of course failed coz there ain’t ever gonna be a machine that works lovingly with wood and steel and composites to create the masterpieces you see in the above photo.

Below is a photo of my Strat. Steve Barkman guitars are getting repaired at present.

As always let me know how you are.