Fighting Things I cannot see- Rachel Garland

Fighting things we cannot see

Hi friends we find ourselves in a blended reality where no one knows what the next move is in the proverbial chess game where the powers have us playing chequers.

In the lockdown Jan Bille has fashioned three videos. Jungle. Love button. Happy Isles. Three songs – two of which are very recent. Jungles much older and I wrote it as a gentle opt out call at a progressively dehumanising system. This was about ’84 and we were relatively free then! People had time to listen . There was this nice window of tranquility before thumping vodoo beat electronic music took over everywhere.

Lockdown isn’t foreign to me. I kind of lost interest long ago and locked myself out. Just couldn’t see the point . Like the dream of Kasper Hauser where he sees humanity scramble up a hill fighting to get to the top. At the top there is nothing. I kinda dipped out.

It’s hard to feel much shame at my trade off. I got obsessed with music. It was a need to communicate something. I was feeling this lockout way back then. New York to Paris now that song is a perfect proof. Listen to it now

And then watch this – a video of Happy Isles by Jan

And if you are really keen to buy the Happy Isles album – listen below

Please write if you want me to explain anything but please go to bandcamp and listen to my songs so we can have a rap.

In conclusion here is a superb letter a wonderful supporter wrote:

“I’m not entirely sure why I describe this time as weirdly exhilarating but it is – I think because alongside very real pain, worry & risk, there’s also a sense of new possibilities beyond the pandemic. A chance to re-set & re-work various aspects of New Zealand’s life, culture & economy, and re-discover what’s really important, like our connections with each other and our communities, and our precious ability to grow and produce wonderful food.

I hear that as a challenge in your album Happy Isles too – to replace our cliched, rosy-coloured vision of New Zealand with real depth & substance.

I hope you’re doing okay too, making new music perhaps, and supported by good food, love & friendship, maybe a little wine!”

My reply: “Thanks again for your bountiful support and insights.

I agree that this time of house detention has its good side. In fact many advantages from cleaner air to reduced transport fatalities clear skies. Quiet. Opportunity to get closer to family. Time to plan for when things normalise into the new Orwellean Normal…..which I am sure is gonna encourage pushback (the banksters are prepared for this and planned their defence decades ago)

However I understand a new technology will soon be adopted and will change everything. Have you heard of a book called Life After Google?”

Thanks to all of you for your support at this time especially with no live music possible.

Happy Isles – Listen and buy if you like it. Long ago mum advised that i should get a bread and butter job and do music in my spare time.  You can’t do better than be a plumber. These guys worked with great enthusiasm fixing drains in one property and their next job was at a house where a Tangi was in progress and all this in the middle of a national emergency.

I gave them a Happy Isles for being such a great inspiration. If only I had listened to my mum. I could have been like them – not a care in the world and prospering at all times. These guys would have worked on doomsday and just carry on regardless.

The artwork is from a print by Rachel Garland who lives in Whanganui -check out her work..

A while back Graham Reid at Elsewhere ( Music and Travel blog) asked me some background questions and very kindly published them in the last few weeks.

Elsewhere is an ever-expanding on-line magazine for people curious about new music, different travel, interesting arts and much more. 

GUEST MUSICIAN LUKE HURLEY shares a portrait of the artist as a young itinerant

Part 1 tells some of the early background e.g.

“Gk Chesterton said that when the cord of boredom is stretched very tight it breaks with a sound resembling a song. It was out of that intense boredom that I started songwriting in my third season at the works but this time Dunedin.”

Part 2 continues

LUKE HURLEY INTERVIEWED (2020): And as we wind on down the road

Includes many stories such as the answer to this one
“The first song of yours which you really felt proud of was . . .? And why that one?”

Thanks again to Graham and all of you for your support. As always listen to all albums and songs freely over here.


Simon Raby captured this moment back when we were free to gather and catch whatever we felt like catching.

We have hours of material like this and need a sponsor to turn it into a very long movie.
Think about it OK? Call me if ya wanna help in this project 021 0259 2919

Anyway. I hope you enjoy this song about our great leaders Starbucks, the late Starmart and the critically ill Burger King.