Luke Hurley - jungle video

Thinking about a lockdown video stream

Hi friends.

Prior to LOCKDOWN Jonathan Woodford Robinson called with a novel request. He wants to do a live stream for me in two weeks time and wondered which app would work best. I don’t know but someone reading this does so please if you be that person then get in touch so we can invite you into the project. It’s something to do during LOCKDOWN thats all the fun of a gig but without leaving home. Perfect!

Editors Note: Of course under lockdown rules the logistics of filming are more difficult so Jonathan will be remote producing but…

Jono has edited some great movies including District Nine – my favourite. Vickers is the ultimate tragicomic antihero and that’s something worth aspiring to.

With the imminent entry into virtual reality gigging online gigs are a no brainer. Gigs can become larger than life without all the huge hassles of travel.

I was recently introduced to a virtual reality graphic novel where you can virtually walk around life sized three dimensional illustrations. It’s sensational. The way of the future for gigs also.

Keep safe and don’t freak out and if you want a road map of how we got to this point then check out my albums on www Bandcamp. Com  My take on humans and how dumb we are. Ha ha. Fact is we need help but the last thing we would ever do is ask for it.

On that note. If there is anything I can do for you don’t hesitate to ask and if you have a few bones to throw please support my Bandcamp stall by listening to my song theories and tunes and if you feel moved to do so fire an electronic digit or two our way.

Make a donation – during livestream or just to help Luke now

Thanks to all of you who have bought the new album or made donations too. (Note: you can still order the vinyl online but deliveries will be delayed.)

By the way we have a few releases ready to launch so watch this space. Jan Bille has come up with a great production to follow up on the vinyl release Happy Isles

Anyways stay safe. Enjoy the time out & ask the absolute for lucidity.

Will write again soon

Here is recent video for ‘Lord of The Jungle’. Jungle being its new incarnation.
Here is a song I wrote with Chris Benges & Doug Wright for a capping week gig at Otago University about 84 or even earlier re-recorded last year by Jan Bille in Diamond Harbour – he also made this video. It’s a good one for live gigs. Might play it in the livestream


What do you think?