New Album Project Needs Your Help

New Album Needs Your Help

hi friends Luke here with a new project that needs your support encouragement and goodwill …finally after years of promising to deliver the fresh album at long last we are in sight of the release.

We in fact have two albums – the first was recorded in Diamond Harbour by Jan Bille. The second is a live album recorded by Ian McAllister and Jan Bille. So we have a brand new studio release and a live concert release lined up for post production (the studio one comes first.)

Watch the video from the previous post to see some of the songs from that concert.

The plan is simple – find a way to pay for post production i.e mixing and mastering. And for a run of vinyl from local pressing plant Holiday Records who have kindly encouraged us in making this happen and thats why I put thumbs to keyboard to tell you all this.

Check out a demo of two songs (as yet unmixed) to give you a taste of things to come

We want to get this project happening as soon as please help my sending up a good thought for it pray, buy us a coffee, go to my concert (Luke Hurley Live at Ellen Melville -Sunday, 17 November 2019 from 18:30-23:00 ) or simply throw us a few bones (paypal)

Have to stress that this music isn’t commercial and relies on sponsorship and in this case we are onto a great project that gives the thumbs up to producers, musicians, pressing plants and all of you.

 If you want to help more directly please use the buttons below to make a supporting donation towards the new album – thanks again.

You will be emailed directly by Paypal P.S click on red buttons if you make a mistake & need to deduct amounts from the shopping cart. Or use the 2 extra buttons at bottom to pre-pay for concert or Vinyl please.

Donate $5 (NZD)
Donate $10 (NZD)
Donate $50 (NZD)
Donate $100 (NZD)
Donate $200 (NZD)

Keen on releasing new Vinyl depending on scale prices up to $40 – conditions apply. Formats are tricky and volumes are needed to make this work. You will get a download of the new album when it is ready but vinyl may be delayed depending on fundraising.

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  1. Oh Damn i Want CDs .not Fossil Fuels in Vinyl. .Records i Know they are Back in Fashion but one tiny Scratch and Click Click Click.or in the Sun and a Warped Record i was so glad to Let go Records and Get CDs. but i Would like to Photograph Show i Guess it is 6.30 Pm to 11 Pm. Damn the Last ferry is at 10.15pm to Waiheke. Means staying awake in Burger king till 7 am ferry home I have Done it Before Many times ..Hmmm

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