Mona Lisa

Picton tonight

Le Cafe. Picton. If you are reading this and know anyone in Picton who needs to hear my sounds please call them and let them know I am playing at Le Cafe Picton tonight from 7.30pm.

Tell them to ask for me. Or call 02102592919. It’s a big deal going without Netfix for a couple of hours but they can do it. I know they can

Last night played at a tiny gathering in Island Bay where you enter the venue thru a cupboard.  I played a few from back in the day including   Make Room which has always been a  warning call regarding the distinct possibility of more un-civil wars.  

I also played a new song called Crossing The Bridge.   Life is a bridge. You cross it and you don’t look back. I played Mona Lisa as this is the Secrets Of The Mona Lisa  Tour.

That’s how it started. I got asked to play the opening of the secrets of the Mona Lisa exhibition