All the tour dates

Well what do you reckon about touring? It’s been more than ten years since last I toured these 🌴 islands. A tiny record company  organised a tour for me and we did about 40 gigs.

It ran at a big loss as most all tours do.  It was fun but sadly didn’t pay the bills.  Why? Elementary dear Watson. It’s a tiny country. Geographically as big as the Britain but peoplewise it’s the size of Manchester. And this presents formidable problems.  No matter who you may be.

There just aren’t enough residents  to make staging shows all over the country a professional proposition.  Not only that but the people are generally not that interested and if they are they certainly don’t wanna pay when they can get multi billion dollar budget shows on Netflix for nicks.

There is a slight challenge with that in the sense that Netflix isn’t live entertainment but who cares?The less real the more popular. Living breathing humans don’t count for much it seems.

And this presents a problem and only mad dogs and rebels would try to make it pay.  That’s where I come in.  I am touring again and unashamedly need your support.  It’s impossible to tour without support so please ease the pain if you wanna see me more often than once in 11 years. Ha ha.

Fact is artists have to revert to the ancient support system of patronage coz selling their work isn’t so viable in the age of socially sanctioned kleptomania.  What happened to copyright law? For instance. Why is my material all over the place freely available.  I didn’t allow it.  You did. Ha ha.

So please if you like my sounds give something back. Come to a show. Buy an album on band camp or Invite me to play at yours where I can sing for my supper. Call me anytime 02102592919.  Here is my itinerary. If you see holes in it then those are dates I can play for you. Got it? See Gig Guide for more details 

01. Marton. Concert
03. Levin. Concert
04. Wellington concert
05. Le cafe Picton
06. Tui Community
07. Moutere Inn
08 Barrytown Hall
10. Christchurch house concert
13. Invercargill
18. Sombreros Queenstown
19. Dunedin concert – Kings & Queens Tickets $20 – doors open at 7pm
21. Arthur St Kitchen  Timaru- daytime 11am-2pm  02102592919
22. Fairfield House. Nelson – evening concert 02102592919
26. Event is at Benedict’s Cafe, Dowse Drive, Maungaraki at 8pm on Thursday 26 July. Adults $10, children $5  (kids now free) tickets on sale on the door. Family friendly  community event , will finish at 9.30pm. Call 02102592919

And 23 27th onwards is free so pls invite me someplace!

If you wanna go to any of the above pls call me for details 02102592919

So you see the holes in the itinerary? Help me fill them ok?and if you can please throw some bones. I got a thirsty car and a lot of expenses.  We can’t let the stadium contractors dominate everything.  Our fav stars only play one or two gigs and bugger off for a few years. Ha ha as for me. You are stuck with me on these happy isles

But wait.  I can play anywhere. Invite me to China please.  would love to do a continent now and then!