Taranaki tomorrow – live is way better than a stream

Had a great chat with Murray at Stebbing Recording. We were discussing CDs and how sales have plummeted by 70% but are starting to rise again. We agreed that a track off Spotify sounds thin compared to the same track played on a CD player.

CDs are significantly better would you not agree? If you can be bothered try listening to your fav track on cleptofy …..correction Spotify. And then play the same track on the cd album it was stolen from. Can you spot the difference? please let us know. It’s an interesting exercise. If you don’t have a CD player let me know. I can find one for you cheap as chips.

Ok. So let’s assume we are right and the quality of a cd track is significantly more involving and musical how come we are not told about this by our kind friendly and extremely helpful multinational record companies?

Could it be for the same reason that they took vinyl pressing plants out to sea and dumped them rather than risk selling them to anyone of a thousand enthusiasts who would have happily kept pressing albums to meet a strong demand.

Do you get that? This wonderful music industry destroyed the real music business Ie the business of making er RECORDS in favour of easier to manufacture CDs and now the same demolition crew wants to destroy the cd business in favour of virtually giving away our hard won songs on massive media machines and reap huge revenue from advertising. Gambling. Gaming. Lurid videos. Etc etc. CDs are inconvenient so we are swamped instead with quantity at the expense of quality.

They want to amuse us to death. It’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The end result in my world is this. I have been writing recording and releasing songs most of my life. For my pains APRAs royalty payout to me for this year was a stunning 3 dollars.
It’s the last straw. I have had enough.

It’s time to appeal to you the reader. Support me. Come to my shows. Buy my records. Do the same for other sorry wrecks out there who are trying to survive off their art. Don’t support the multinational copulations. They don’t deserve our support. They pay virtually nothing to their suppliers and exploit shareholders and the quality of new music is gonna take a dive.

Anyway. Listen to my ‘Best of on Spotify’. Then listen to it on a replicated cd. Spot the difference

By the way. It wasn’t my decision to Spotifyise. No one asked me if I wanted to sup with that devil
I am playing tomorrow. If you are within striking distance try to make it. I won’t bite you.

Gig in Taranaki tomorrow – live is way better than a stream.

3 thoughts on “Taranaki tomorrow – live is way better than a stream

  1. Hey Luke. Agree with you totally on the sound quality of the music.
    Dan Rivera(Kevin’s pilot friend)

  2. My initial response on sound quality is to say that too many people listening on tiny phone speakers is the bigger problem. Like many I do listen to music on my laptop at times but if I can I play that music on my old school sound system which has a CD player and floor standing speakers.

    Wav files used by CD are larger than the streaming formats so should be better. I did look up some research.

    This post was Spotify vs. Apple Music: Is there a difference in sound quality?

    They make a couple of other points in that for some popular songs there are multiple recordings / versions and they might not all be great.

    “If you prioritize sound quality above all else, there are lots of better options available to you: vinyl, lossless streaming from Tidal or other sources, or any number of high-quality digital sources like high-resolution audio or even — gasp — actual CDs.”

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