People of the streets not on the guest list

Played at an exhibition opening the other day that featured photos of street people. Awesome work as you can see. The guests  really wanna help these guys. But none were on the guest list.

The place was crowded out and high rollers turned up and the general vibe was authentic.   Bit like when Beethoven was all the rage but no one wanted him to do a house concert coz he would wreck the piano.

There’s the artist with the gallery boss and the artist with his associates.

Likewise these guys inspire great art but are themselves excluded from the opening.

It’s one thing thinking it’s good to be there for the down and out but it’s the too hard basket to give significant time to them. If time is money the time it would take to bring real hope is just way way way over budget.

But it’s a magnificent exhibition and it was literally an overnight sensation at  the high profile gallery hosting it. They didn’t even mention it on their website.  I thought “funny”.

But like most artistic enterprises in Auckland it’s not important unless it comes from overseas.

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