It’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them

Thank you readers for supporting me in 2016.
Wonderful support and encouragement.
You brought me great happiness

We got the concerts underway
We got the equipment needed guitars that match different styles
Recordings also….But I have yet to promote these

Luke with Baritone guitar

Facundo made two albums of my live playing for release on his Argentinian label
He records for two days and VOILA he makes an album
His point is very valid.
The way things are now you can capture music easily

People want that
And if we musicians and writers of songs and music don’t give it to them…
why the people just help themselves or turn their attention towards artists who are more generous with their muse

It’s not about the equipment anymore
it’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them.

If you need me call 02102592919 I am happy to play at gatherings the smaller the better and also happy to teach my style. Your feedback would be most appreciated as I am keen to play more

Have a great Christmas and don’t let the Coke pimp convince your kids to love things and use people( instead of the other way around.)

Thank you Jason for managing the site. Good job!