Songs – drawn out of thin air

In this forthcoming show the emphasis is on the new and unfamiliar…especially improvised songs that are drawn out of thin air. Songs that i dare not sing to anyone! Like the one i made up last night  about a dreaming time wasting egocentric nincompoop just like me. Songs about the grim reaper.  Songs about life’s river –  a river so immense that it carries the stars in its flow. Many songs that come out of nowhere and which i play to no one.

Perhaps i will dare to share some of this madness.  It didn’t hurt John Lee Hooker. He could take a line and weave a song from one thread and commit it to wax.  Something recorded that can never be recaptured.  I am fascinated by this approach.

Marcus Sellwood - Photo: Clive Bartleet
Marcus Sellwood – Photo: Clive Bartleet

Marcus Sellwood will be playing his unique blend of blues. He has an astonishing technique.  You will be impressed and i will be nervous.  He’s a hard act to follow!

The show itself rolls out from 8pm but the venue is open from 6pm and i urge you to come early and convivialise.  This time we have a nice separation between chit chat space and concert. The concert is separate to the bar so its poss to flow between both at applause times…

Note also that this is the first time we have done this in an environment that is designed for film making   pity no one has offered to man a camera. All the gear is there but no operators as yet.  If you can work a camera pleeeeeeeeeeeease come forward.  We will look after you and its possible we can come up with a gem.  Its not often you get to gig in a movie studio.

Call me if you have any issues with coming 021 0259 2919. Or have any ideas. This show is going to be a lot of fun and i am very grateful to the owner of Lot23 for his support.  Cheers Steve.  Be safe and God bless. Hope to see you all at the gig.