RNZ (Radio NZ) Needs Help

Lets get behind this campaign we don’t want the zoot suits to kill RNZ just like they have destroyed most every other creative outlet.

“Radio New Zealand is operating under an 8 year funding freeze. It is so poor that it has to sell its Auckland studios and then rent them back off the new owner. Please sign the petition on unfreeze its funding.

They are continually making a whole series of sacrifices in order to stay viable.

They shouldn’t be having to hustle for their survival, they should be adequately funded so that they can get on with doing their job – being a broadcaster!”

writes Jo Bond.

The person driving the campaign:
Jo Bond
Fund RNZ
021 180 1754

“I started this campaign because I believe that public broadcasting is important for a well-functioning democracy. Radio New Zealand has a fine reputation as a public service broadcaster, but it is being slowly eroded due to its financial constraints. We have already lost TVNZ7 which was a great source of information and analysis of issues which affect New Zealanders. We can’t afford to lose RNZ as well.”

Jo Bond

Help fund the FundRNZ Campaign (links to Givealittle campaign.)

There is also a petition over here if you want to help in that way.