Angel Gordon waiting to go on stage

The smalltime is the new bigtime

The thing that keeps me doing this is the idea that being a micro celebrity is probably more fun than the real thing except that there’s no money in it. Ha ha

Whereas a real celebrity might get thousands writing in to his blog …i get about one…..and that one person is more often than not my buddy who writes in to make it look like i have mail. Ha ha.

I heard a story about a real celebrity who used to be loved by millions. And how she would break down and cry some days when the postman passed her by.

“So what keeps people going when the machine lets them down?”

Well. It comes back to that one person who writes in. If that happens it can make your day. Please make our day!

And thanks to all of you who have come to any of the Luke & Friends concerts. Thanks also to Marcus Sellwood, Basant and the Professor; Duncan Gillies and Angel for playing at these shows. Pic below is from last weekend. More pics to come soon.

The next show is at Minnie St November 26. This time you can all get to see it (all one of you. Ha ha!) Its gonna be filmed and you can view the highlights in the comfort of your own phone/pc. More details coming soon so keep an eye out.

Angel Gordon waiting to go on stage
Photo: Clive Bartleet

You see it’s not about being “famous” its more about using technology to share ideas-emotions-rants and music. In this era everybody can be famous but what do we wanna SHARE.

Tell me please what YOU wanna share. Hop on board this micro machine!

Thanks to Clive wrote in about the last gig below…

A happy punter writes in

Last week on the evening of Saturday 22nd October at the Old Folks Association hall Ponsonby a special little entertainment event was taking place. The concert was a Luke Hurley and Friends gig, and what a surprising, varied and satisfying event it was. For a modest fee the audience were treated to a range of musical styles and skilled musicians.

Entertainment ranged from Lukes wonderful songs and innovative guitar work, delta blues played with passion and high energy,contemporary original acoustic songs and a memorable East meets West Indian and European fusion complimented by expertly interpreted classical Indian ragas played by an officianado of this form.

The whole quality experience was enhanced by the nourishing home cooked food for sale and the ambience that resulted giving the night a well rounded successful outcome. If everyone in the enthusiastic audience went away as satisfied as me, then all l can say there must a lot of satisfied punters.

Thanks to Luke and friends and we look forward to many more satisfying gigs in the near. Watch this space with expectation. Grateful punter Clive Bartleet.

3 thoughts on “The smalltime is the new bigtime

  1. Hi Luke
    A friend and I were at your Barrytown Hall gig on the Westcoast sometime back now. Loved your music and lyrics and the time we had chatting with you.

    Read the Wikipedia article about you and was interested to hear that you were recovering from depression when you worked on the High Risk album.
    As a recovering depression-ist myself I can understand the wonderful part music plays in the healing process.

    I think the Jacob biblical ‘limp’ that depression leaves you with I’ve found makes you more relatable and God-dependent.
    Please keep doing what you’re doing, a lot of us out here really enjoy and love it.
    God bless you and keep rocking and rolling in the Trinity
    Eric Holman

    1. Hi Eric,

      I remember that night and I brought Francis Maxino along for the ride. He played like a maestro and he needed to get back to Takaka by sunrise….it was a very long drive……from Takaka and back with a concert in the middle.
      We talked at length but i forget the thread of our dialogue. Do you remember much? I recall a very pleasant time. Loved the hall and the community there. The gig was booked for me so i forget how to find you. Please remind me of the details so i can apply to play again
      With regard to depression. “The greatest evil that can befall man is that he should come to think ill of himself” Goethe
      I kind of struggle with liking myself and i think that was the source of my malaise. The depression gave me the impulse to write and discover buried deep in myself things that i had no idea existed. Instinctive insights. Shafts of light in deep darkness. Threads of gold where the quartz had been It was a vast magical world

      Lets get another gig sorted sooooon! And tell our readers about your special oasis
      Can you send pictures of the hall and the surrounds. As Alice in Wonderland would say “what is the use of a blog without pictures and conversations”
      So good to get your message
      God bless

  2. Luke,
    I fully agree with the sentiment that “small” is the next “big”, and that your lifes work is testimony to this.
    I kind of think that “small” is really quite astounding huge when it encompasses profound talent, sentiment and dedication- humility and love..All of which you have given us freely for decades.
    My heart responds vividly to your art, and has done since I was first privileged to be acquainted with it. And my heart says that “small” can leave giant footprints; just as a mustard seed can grow to be a binding field of tall yellow flowers.
    Perhaps we will never truly know what we leave behind in our wake.
    I know the world is a greater place for having you in it, and will be eternally grateful for all you have inspired to grow in barren places.
    Thank you. So very much.

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